Monday, March 28, 2011

Kicking and Moving

Dearest Kayden,
Lately you have been moving constantly! It feels amazing and I am glad you are so healthy. But if you could do me one favor and quit pushing against that one spot in my ribs. It is really starting to hurt.
You are finally starting to let other people feel when you move. Your daddy is quite enjoying that.
On another note we have gotten all of the big things for your nursery finally. The crib and changing table are up and in place. Curtains are up. And all the bedding is in place. The last bit is to put up the decorations but I ran out of the right size nail and daddy had to go to work. So we are just waiting till prolly tomorrow. And then in two days we are heading to vegas. So pretty pretty please stop hurting mommys ribs and lower back so I can enjoy this vacation!
Remember we love you tons!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

23 weeks down!!!

Dear lil Kayden,
Today you are 23 weeks along. I know the dates might not line up exactly with past posts but thats because with each ultrasound we have been given different due dates. Right now you are due July 21st!
You have become quite active lately! It is so amazing to feel you kick and move. You don't seem to like to let other people feel you move though. As soon as someone touches my tummy you quit moving but as soon as they move their hand you start moving again :). Daddy doesn't think it is too funny but I think its pretty cute!!
We have been setting up your nursery lately and it makes us even more excited to have you here. Your crib and changing table will be here tomorrow. And then your bedding set will be here in a couple more days! We have been setting up everything as we get it. We even installed your car seat in my car and the stroller is in my trunk! Well I think muffin (our cat) is excited to meet you. We woke up this morning and she was in your room laying on the rocking chair inside my boppy pillow. It was pretty cute!!
Hopefully your Nana will be down soon to see the nursery! She is so excited to meet you. She really wants to feel you move but you are being stubborn and just not having any of it!
Well Mommy and Daddy are going to Vegas in 6 days! Please keep being good!!
Remember we love you so much and can't wait to meet you!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctors Appt.

Today we had a doctors appt. I say we since it is mostly for you but since you are in me I am kind of include ;).
Even the nurse pointed out what a mover you are. You are definitely active!! I feel you moving all the time and when they tried to check your heart beat you kept moving so it took a little while. I enjoyed it though!
Everything is going great. You are in your 22nd week! You are developing perfectly.
I just wish you were more forward and not sitting as far back so I would feel you even more.
Well your daddy is off at MEPS today and tomorrow. So its just us tonight. So be gentle on mommy! <3
Well love you lots

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You have a name!!!

Well today you have been developing for a whole 21 weeks!!! Its getting close!!
Well last night we were laying in bed talking about name ideas for you. We originally gonna name you Tristen Kayden. But I decided that was a little girly. So we created a pretty big list of options. We have slowly been narrowing it down. First to 6, then 3. Then last night we finally decided!! I know it took us forever!!!
Kayden Isaac! I hope you like it. I've been worried because this is something that will be yours forever! So just know a ton of thought went into picking it.
We love you so much! <3 <3

Friday, March 11, 2011

Please be nice

Dear son,
Today I found my first stretch mark. I am not happy. Instead of putting lotion on just my stomach I am now coating my whole body in it to avoid any more of these. Please realize certain areas can only stretch so far!! Lets not break mommy :)
Also today you seem to be trying to get my ribs to spread even farther! As I said before I can only stretch so far. My ribs have spread pretty far from where they started. Trying to make them spread farther is just seeming to result in lots of pain for your mommy dearest! And it is not fun. I realize I am not super big so things might not be too roomy for you but your only about a pound so be patient! Soon enough you'll have plenty of space outside of me. I am trying to gain weight and stretch to be bigger for you. But there is only so much I can do.
Well tomorrow we are officialy 21 weeks. So we are over the half way point. I have a favor to ask! Since you are coming this summer and I won't be allowed to travel your daddy and I are going on our last vacation just the two of us. It is also the only big vacation we have ever gone on. So please please please be nice to mommy while I am gone. Its just for 6 days and I would love to not be sick or in too much pain! Pretty please.
Well remember mommy and daddy love you and can't wait to meet you!!!