Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turning One

YOUR ONE!!!!!!!!
I can not believe you have been here for 1 whole year already!!!
We had an awesome party for you last night. 3 of your aunties surprised us with it!
Here is your cute cake
You trashed it! You ate like 2 bites. the rest you threw and smashed.

We had so much fun.

I can't believe in just one year you went from this:
To this:
Crazy I know!!
But to be honest today I have been thinking mostly about the day you were born. It feels so long ago but on the other hand feels like yesterday. It was such a surreal yet exciting day.
Going back through all the pictures it is so strange to see how fast you have changed. I want you to stay my lil baby forever but you are already considered a toddler now!
As long as you give me hugs, kisses, and cuddles I guess I can live with it.
I can't even begin to imagine everything that will happen in this next year.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

First haircut

Dear Kayden,
I finally caved and took you in for your first haircut a couple days ago. You did really good. I had to hold you down to cut around your ears but besides that it was pretty easy!
I made sure to take before and after pictures.
You look so grown up now!