Monday, February 28, 2011

20 week ultrasound

Well today your father and I went to your 20 week ultrasound. So were around halfway till we get to meet you!!!
We learned that either you are extremely shy, pouting, or just plain stubborn. The reason I say this is you had your head face down in the corner so there was no way to get to see u very well. :(.
So part of me wants to think you are shy. Sometimes I am shy but since you are your fathers son I dont see this lasting if this is why you were hiding.
If you were pouting I can think of one reason why. Lately I have been getting a pain in my side. I thought you were pushing against it. Today I learned I have been having braxton hicks contractions. So it wasnt you at all. It was my body prolly making you uncomfortable. So sorry for blaming it on you. If this is the reason you were hiding please forgive me.
If you are just being stubborn well you are our child. And you have a very stubborn mother and father. So hopefully you wont be too stubbron cause our family will be very interesting with 3 stubborn people.
Well just remember we love you lots and cant wait to finally see what you look like which at this rate wont be until you are born but that just makes us even more anxious.
With all my love,
Your mommy!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling you move.

Well Im almost 19 weeks! Your father is so protective about you already! He felt you move for the first time yesterday. Lately you have been doing the funniest thing. You'll be moving or kicking and Ill try to put your dads hand where you are moving at and you will quit moving.
He was so excited to actually feel you move. He loves you so much already!!
Well in 3 days is our 20 week ultrasound! We so cant wait! But please this time let us get some good face pictures and less butt in the camera would be great! <3
Well just remember we love you so much and cant wait to meet you!!