Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dear Kayden,
Last night we hired our first babysitter. Its so weird! I use to be a babysitter and now I am hiring one. She was really nice. You were teething pretty bad though so we came home a lil early.
I suprisingly wasn't too worried about you. We will definitley hire her again. We just have to wait unti you are feeling a lil better.
We are hoping to hire her 2x a week for just an hour so your daddy and I can do zumba and have some quiet time but we have to wait until we move and get settled.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dear Kayden,
Today we found out your weight and height. You weigh 19 lbs and 2 oz! You are getting heavy but I thought you weighed more then that honestly. You are around the 75th percentile.
You are 27.5 inches tall! You are definiltey going to be a tall kid!
Your nana thinks your gonna be built like a football player but I think you will be built more like a basketball player. You are pretty tall and slender.
Everyone says you look like your atleast 9 months. Your baby features arent near as strong. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First time in high chair

Dear Kayden,
You outgrew the bumbo that Josie lent us so for dinner we tested out the chair we got your for Christmas. It straps to a chair so that it fits any height table. It went pretty well except you got distracted my the belt holding you into the chair. I tried putting you sippy cup on your tray but it was just too much of a distraction.
Plus I was feeding you puffs while you were in your bouncy chair. So I kind of spoiled your dinner but it kept you happy. Yeah I should have paid more attention to the time but no biggie. You eat all your carrots just no your oatmeal. As long as you eat your veggie its okay I guess.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6 months old!!!

Dear Kayden,
Today you are 6 months old!
I can't believe how fast you are growing.
You are trying to learn to crawl. You pull your lil knees up under you but then you faceplant it into the carpet. then you push up onto your arms but your back end is completly flat against the carpet. Its pretty funny,
You are slowly learning to sit up on your own. If you lean against your hands you can
You are learning to lean forward when you are laying down and want to sit up too.
You are getting much better at nighttime. Somedays you even put yourself to sleep!
And you only get up like 2-3 times a night and not for long. But you do wake up at like 6:30-7:30. Hopefully thatll change cause I don't care for mornings. You are also starting to go down into your crib! Just for one stretch at night.
Except the last couple nights but you are sick :(. You have a never and mucus running down your throat. You threw up once but it was 2 days ago.
You are also being better in your car seat. You pout pretty hardcore when you go in it though.
I think its kinda cute. But you have almost outgrown this carseat so we gotta start saving for the next one!
You have also discovered the tv.
Its so cute!
So many changes have been happening as you can tell.
You've been eating your baby food so good! You are even eating bread and crackers now. Well they are kinda like crackers but they get mushy in your mouth so you dont choke as easy. But you really like them.
Oh and you are using a sippy cup. Well kind of. Some days you take it really well other days you wont take it at all.
You still love your bouncer. We have cheated and put a couple books under your feet so you can reach to kick it. You are slowly learning to do it!
You almost had your first tooth the other day. It started to come through but then it went back under the gums. You havent been too fussy with teething surprisingly.
You were suppose to have your 6 month check up today but since your sick they don't wanna give you shots so we have to reschedule.
I am so excited to see all the new things that will happen in the next 6 months. Soon you will be crawling! I am excited but nervous for that!

Friday, January 6, 2012

First time playing at the park!!

Dear Kayden,
A couple days ago we went to the park! You got to use a swing for the first time. At first you didn't like it but when I pushed you you started smiling so big! It was so cute. It was a little big for you so we tucked a blanket in behind you but you loved it. Too bad its so cold or we would go more often. But hopefully spring will come early!
I took you down 3 different slides but you didnt seem to care about them. You actually seemed bored. Your daddy took you down 1 but you started getting cold so we headed home!