Friday, April 29, 2011

28 weeks down!!!

Dear Kayden,
Yesterday we completed week 28! So we are almost 3/4 of the way to your due date! And 1 week in to our last trimester! We are so happy.
You should weigh around 2.5 pounds. Last ultrasound you were 2 pounds and like 3 ounces and I know you have gained weight since then so sound like you are right on track. You should also be around 16 inches long. Sorry your so squished but youll have tons of room soon enough! We also found out that you might have started dreaming! I wonder what you dream about? Too bad you won't remember by the time you can talk to tell me.
So as I told you we are redecorating the apartment cause I want you to have the best home. Yesterday we went shopping and brought tons home!! It is already looking so nice! I am really excited for next wednesday cause that is when the new couch will get there! Your daddy also picked out the cutest picture frame. It says "Daddy+Mommy=me" and it has a place for 3 seperate pictures! We just had to get it for you! Its so precious!!
Also we start your baby class on wednesday! So overall wednesday is gonna be a great day! New furniture and learning tons about having you!!! I'm not sure whether this will make your dad more excited or more nervous. Honestly I think he might freak out a lil bit. He is just so worried about doing something wrong. But I know he is gonna be an amazing dad to you! You already have people who love you so much!
Love you tons,

Friday, April 22, 2011

90 Days till due date!

Dear Kayden,
Only 90 days left. It sounds like a lot but when you start off at almost 300 days its really not that much left!
Mommy has been carrying you for 27 weeks and 1 day now!
Today I learned that you can already recognise mine and daddy's voice. I think that is the sweetest thing and can't wait to see you react to our voices.
Yesterday we got some new clothes for you. This really nice lady in our ward and apartment complex had a bunch of boy clothes she didnt use cause she had a boy and even though she is pregnant with her second she was nice enough to give them to us! We are really happy. All we have left to get you is a swing and some hats. I think besides that we are set. We figure we will get more clothes as gifts and we will randomly pick more up when we find cute ones for you.
Also yesterday we are gonna redecorate the rest of the apartment. Your room looks pretty amazing but now we are gonna work on the living room, dining room and Mommy & Daddys room! I am really glad that I have another project to work on to keep me distracted until you get here.
Well remember we love you lots,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

27 weeks!!

Dear Kayden,
Today we are 27 weeks. So Its slowly getting closer. Its so weird cause it feels like yesterday that I was blogging about 26 week but at the same time it is taking so long!!!
Well you are weighing in at about 2 pounds and 3 ounces! Getting bigger every day :).
Daddy and me bought you some super cute lil toys yesterday. Just something to go on your car seat, 2 fingerpuppets, and a rattle like thing. But they are precious!
I am so excited to holdyou in my arms. Lately I have been cuddling with muffin and when she falls asleep in my arms its hard not to imagine holding you!
Yesterday Daddy and I were laying on the floor in your nursery just talking about how great things will be when you get here. I am super excited to talk you on walks in your stroller. Daddy likes to pretend you are gonna come out 6 years old so he can take you camping and stuff. But I know he will love just holding you and showing you off to all his friends and co workers.
Well just remember we love you,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Kayden,
Today we had another ultrasound. But yet again you were face down. Not only that but you had both feet and hands up by your face. So big shocker we didnt get any pictures of your face. But I am not that disappointed. I am excited for the surprise of what you will look like.

We did some really fun preparations for you today though. We went and toured the hospital that you are going to be born at! It is so nice! And they are opening a new wing next week. So in plenty of time for you to come. We preregistered so when you come we can get straight in. Mommy likes to be prepared even though you aren't expected for another 13 weeks (but remember 11 weeks would be okay too :)).
We also bought your coming home outfit! It is a super cute navyblue polo onsie and a pair of lil jeans! We are super excited to bring you home in it.
Both your nana and your grandma have been sending outfits for you. Nana is super excited to meet you! Your grandma is really nice and sends us a package for every holiday and in her easter package she sent a cute pair of penguin socks for you and a three piece outfit! It is really cute!
We registered for a babybirthing class! We start pretty soon. Its every wednesday for a whole month. And we can't wait to learn a ton! It'll definitely help us get more relaxed about you coming and how to take care of you. Since Mommy and Daddy are both the youngest in our families this will be something really different for us so we can use all the education we can get. In preparation for the class Mommy went a bought her first pair of maternity pants. They are like yoga pants and are extremely comfortable. As soon as I got home I put them on.
Well remember we love you lots,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

26 weeks!!!.... and 2 days

Hey Kayden,
So once again mommy got busy and forgot to blog on exactly 26 weeks. Not much has changed here in the last week. I am sure tons has changed for you though.
You were doing the cutest thing yesterday though. Muffin (our cute cat) had her chest and front paws across my tummy and you started kicking her. I thought it was super sweet but muffin didn't really care for it so she kept running away.
Nana is so excited to meet you. Today she is at costco picking out an outfit for you. She so can't wait to come spend time with you. She is already talking about you coming and staying weekends with her when you get older.
I am getting super anxious. 14 weeks left and we are pretty much ready for you. I have been trying to find things to do to make time pass faster. I guess I need to get back to my nitting or something....
Well Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!! Keep being strong!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

100 days left

Hey Kayden,
As of today we are 25 weeks and 5 days. There are only 100 days left until your due date!
We had a doctor's appt today and everything looks great! I don't have gestational diabetes thankfully. That would have been horrible. You are kicking SO much! You even started kicking the nurse as she was listening to your heart beat.
Well we have been planning tons. Turns out your grandma aka: your daddys mom is coming up after you are born. She lives in Florida so she isnt around much. The only time I have met her was at Daddy's and mine reception. She is planning on staying a whole week to get to know you. She isnt coming till mid to the end of August so even if you are late we will still have time to bond and get settled and have Nana come stay for a lil bit. Your amazing Aunt Tabbie is gonna stay for a bit too.
We are trying to plan your baby blessing around everyones schedule so that hopefully lots of people will be here but who knows. At least all of your daddys and mine friends will be there. We are thinking about a BBQ afterward. So hopefully the weather will be good.
Well daddy talked the nice Doctor into giving us another ultrasound so please let us actually see you this time!! We are so curious to what you look like.
Well lots of love <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Opening your eyes!!!

Hey Kayden,
I know mommy posted recently but I just read what is happening this week on Its a pretty awesome website that I have been using to see where you are at.
Just so you know right now you are at least 9 inches long and weigh a whole 2 pounds! You are growing so much. And you are starting to open your eyes! I know there isnt much to see in me but you can tell the difference between a dark room and a bright lighten up room. So that is something new for you.
Its so strange that this pregnancy is going by so fast and so slow at the same time. We are almost in our 3rd and final trimester! And then you will be outside of mommy's tummy and in your amazing nursery. It seems like just yesterday mommy and daddy decided to expand our family and have a lil one! Luckily for us 6 weeks after we made that decision we found out we were expecting you!!! At the same time it seems like this pregnancy has gone by super slow.
Mommy and Daddy are just so excited to hold and love on you. I cant wait to see your cute lil fingers and toes. And see what color your eyes are. I hope you have daddy's gorgeous blue eyes but if you have mommy's brown eyes that will be amazing too!
Remember we love you <3

Friday, April 8, 2011

25 weeks!!!

Dear lil Kayden,
Technically yesterday I was 25 weeks but mommy was busy and forgot to blog. So I am making up for it today!
My cravings havent been too bad during the pregnancy.... until now. Lately mommy has been craving the strangest things. Like at the grocery store last night I smelt horseradish out of the blue and I had to have it!!! This morning I wanted Haystacks, this yummy dessert nana makes around christmas time. But after we bought the horseradish I didnt want to eat it staight so we bought a roast and I didnt have time to make the roast so maybe sunday we will have roast and yummy horseradish. And of course this morning we didnt have anything to make the haystacks so I just had some chocolate milk instead. The cravings are slowly getting weirder but its not bad enough that I have to have it right then so I guess I am lucky.
Well I thought you had been kicking tons lately and you have but I am wondering if you are getting the hiccups. One of my fellow pregnant friends said her son had the hiccups and that would definitely make sense because when you kick repeatively its always steadily paced. So maybe thats what it is. Either way it is so amazing to feel you move, but if you could avoid doing it when I am trying to sleep that would be great <3
Daddy and I were reading on, our pregnancy website, and it said that he might be able to hear your heartbeat with just his ear against my tummy. We tried but he couldnt hear it. He could hear you moving though and he loved it. He is getting so excited and nervous! He is constantly rubbing my tummy and talking to you. It is the sweetest thing ever.
Well just remember how much we love you and we cant wait to see you!
We are all ready for you!!!!