Monday, November 28, 2011

4 months! & Thanksgiving!!

Dear Kayden,
So you might notice you turned 4 months old 11 days ago! Sorry!! Life has gotten crazy. But I am catching up now :)
So your 4 month check up went good. You were 15 lbs and 10 oz! You almost weighed as much as our turkey! And you are more than twice your birth weight! You are growing so fast!! You had to get shots :(
They went really bad this time. You screamed and screamed for quite a while. It broke my heart. That weekend we took your 4 month photos.
Just a couple of my favorite outfits and of course your Thanksgiving outfit!

Aren't you super cute!!!
I love the lil turkey on your butt!!!

Well Thanksgiving was super fun. We let you try mashed potatoes and you loved them!
Oh and just the other day you rolled from you back to your tummy but only once!
On the down side you have stopped being a good sleeper. Actually you were never a good sleeper but you got even worse! You won't sleep unless someone is holding you! So I have been holding you all night. Its exhausting. But I love you so much that its okay. Hopefully this will end soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tons of new stuff!!!

Dear Kayden,
So much happened last week! Well lately we've been doing this fun little screaching game with you! Its so cute and fun. I caught a video of you doing it with your daddy!!
It always makes me laugh! But since you have discovered you can make noise you do it alot! Even if noone does it back you just squeal and scream. I am just waiting till you try to do this during sacrament...

Also this week you got to ride on your daddy's shoulders! It was so cute.
 The funniest part was you kept eating your daddy's hair! As you can see in the second picture you were grabbing it with both hands and pulling it towards your mouth! The whole back area of his head was wet! It was so funny!!!

After a while of being up there something even funnier happened!!
YOU SPAT IN YOUR DADDY'S HAIR!!!He freaked out. I almost peed from laughing so hard.

You spent alot of time with your daddy this week! You chilled and played alot!

You also got to try Orange Juice this week. You were'nt sure how you felt about it. The grape juice you started taking alot better. But you still don't really take the orange juice.

You still love bath time! You have discovered Sheriff duck. You had a stare down it was pretty great.
Not much more has happened. You get more handsome each day.
I can't believe in 2 days you turn 4 months old. The time is apassing all too fast!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Grape Juice & New Trick

Dear Kayden,
Today you got to try Grape Juice!

You weren't sure how you felt about it. At first I think you thought it was formula because that's all you get in a bottle. But you drank some of it. Hopefully that'll help with the constipation! I am so excited when I see you try new things. It's pretty great! We also got you orange juice. That'll be tomorrow. You took your cereal okay tonight. But you recently learned this new trick its super cute until you do it with a mouth full of cereal. I do it to you all the time so I love that you picked it up. But you usually make this face when I do it.

the face
you doing it
You also got to see your first snow. You were super confused! You didn't like your lil suit to keep you warm. You will learn to like it though.... hopefully

You have also learned how tomake noise. It's so fun. You will squeal then I will immitate it back and we just go back and forth until I laugh so hard I can't keep going. I just love spending time with you!!

P.s. Aren't you soooo cute

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Liquid Suppository

Dear Kayden,
Well you've been taken your rice cereal really good these last couple of days. You even slept 6 hours straight last night! Its been really great.
On the down side today you were pretty consipated. I don't think it was just because of the rice cereal though. You just got it yesterday and today. But you didn't have a dirty diaper all day yesterday.
We went to church today. You were really fussy the first two hours. But by the third hour we could tell you were in pain and trying to go potty but it wasnt working. So we called your nana, of course.
Then off to walgreens we went. I know it was sunday but we had to get you medicine and no way it could wait! So we got liquid childrens suppository.
I couldn't do it. So your daddy did. Of course as soon as he was done you started going. It was super runny and so gross. You dirtied that changing pad. Then you filled your diaper. When changing it the poo kept running out of the diaper onto the changing pad and the floor! It was beyond gross lol. Then you dirtied a 3rd diaper.
Now things are back to normal.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again anytime soon!!
Well something new every day.
p.s. Daddy loves you lots for cleaning up all that!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another First!!! Rolling over

Dear Kayden,
Today while having tummy time on the play mat you rolled onto your back!!!
We were so excited. So we put you back on your tummy and you did it again! Thankfully your daddy as here to see it because he misses alot of firsts.
You are just growing up so fast.
Now we are working on you sitting up on your own. That will be nice! We've been balancing you and having you lean on your legs a little bit and you can sit for a couple seconds but then you fall sideways. It's pretty cute!
I love seeing you do so many new things. I can't believe you are almost 4 months old! This first year really does fly by.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear Kayden,
Today the two of us were out to lunch with a good friend of mine. You were being fussy so I decided to give you a piece of lemon to suck on. I expected a sour face but thats not what I got. At first you fought it. Then you licked your lips. I gave it to you again and you went to town sucking on it. It was so funny.
So apparently you like sour stuff. Its funny how different that is from your daddy and me. Occasionally I like sour stuff but I prefer sweet or savory before sour. I wonder if you will prefer sour or if you just liked that it was something new. Maybe on Thanksgiving you can try some mashed potatoes :)
Also today we noticed your eyes are going brown!! I win!!! I can't wait to see when they fully change. You are so handsome and get cuter every day!
Today I thought alot about you growing up. I thought about when you turn 8 and hopefully get baptized. When you turn 12 and go to the temple for the first time. When you turn 16 and go on your first date. When you turn 19 and go on your mission. And around 22 when you get married! I am scared these things will come too fast but at the same time I am so excited for them! I love you so much and hope you follow this path in your life. You will be such an example to those around you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drinking the bath water

Dear Kayden,
Remember how I told you I let you try to swim in the bath. Well I have had to stop that cause you keep trying to drink the water! Not just sipping it. Throwing your whole face in it! This of course results in choking and coughing. Which always scares me. So no more of that.
But of course you have found a way around it. You did your hand in the water then suck it dry and repeat. Thats my stubborn boy. Hopefully you work this hard at other things in your life when you are older. We can hope.
Well today is th first of November, which means THANKSGIVING!! YAY. I know this doesnt mean much to you because you just drink milk and occasionally eat rice cereal. But next year you will love it. Maybe Ill let you have some mashed potatoes this year :).
Lately you have been waking up 4-5 times a night. Your father and I would really appreciate if you would start sleeping for atleast 3 hours straight! That would be great and I don't think its too much to ask!!
Love always,