Tuesday, May 31, 2011

33 WEEKS.... and 1 day!

Dear Kayden,
Today we are 33 weeks and 1 day. We have 48 days left! It is coming fast! Its so crazy I can remember when we have over 200 days!!
Today we had a Dr appt. It was just a short lil check up. Your heartbeat is 140. Its so  crazy to hear it. It is super fast! But it is right where it should be.
Our next appt is only 2 weeks away then after that we have an appt every week!!!
Today we also bought you some bedtime story books! We got 2 different books. First we got The big book of fairy tales! I love them! We also got the adventures of Amelia Bedila. Your daddy thought it was  too girly but I don't think so. So we got it anyway :) They are funny stories. I can't wait to see you smile and hear you laugh. 
As we left the store your father tried to call dibs on you telling him you love him first. I told him I don't think so. First off I will be home all day with you and secondly I am the one delivering you so I totally deserve to hear it first. But either way I will be happy just to hear you say that.
We are trying to get all the last big of stuff together. We still need to pack the hospital bag for daddy and me. We have your bag all packed.
Lately you have taken up the habit of pushing your foot really hard against my side. Its crazy to be able to feel your foot so close to me. But lets not push too hard cause its starting to hurt. I know you are squished but be gentle on me.
Well we love you and can't wait to meet you!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Due Date....

Dear Kayden,
So at our last ultrasound appt they said the new estimated due  date was a couple days off but they were just gonna leave it the same. Then yesterday when we stopped by the Drs officpregnante to pick up some paperwork the new due date was July 18th! So we are even farther along then expected!!! So we are actually 32 weeks and 3 days!! 53 days left!!!
So our last baby class was yesterday. We learned CPR. We arent professionals now or anything but its better than nothing.
We are also taking a breastfeeding class next month. We just want to be as prepared as we can be for you <3
Remember we love you!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

59 days left!!!

Dearest Kayden,
We have less have 60 days! Thats less than 2 months!!!
It is getting so close I am so excited!
Today we were at the bookstore and I picked out two new books! The first one was What to Expect The First Year! I am excited to read this one. What to expect when youre expecting has helped me a ton through this pregnancy. So I just know this book will help us figure things out with you. I hate to say it but you are the first kid so its gonna be somewhat experimental figuring out what works and what doesnt work.
The second book was My Quotable Kid. Its this cute lil book where we can write down the cute things you say. Of course I will write them here in your blog but it will be cute to have a lil book with all of them written down. Your daddy wasn't to excited to spend $16 on it but I think its worth it :).
Well this week is our last baby class. It so crazy how close we are to having you! I can't wait to hold you and take care of you.
Well remember we love you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

31 weeks done!

Dear Kayden,
This week has been an interesting one. First off I started having contractions. It was really scary. Thankfully I was able to use a couple tricks to get my body to relax so that the contractions would stop. Your father was really scared.
While taking a bath to help me relax we actually saw you kick. Well your dad didn't see it. But I saw the side of my stomach move! It was crazy! You are getting really big and strong. It is great but quite painful... So try to take it easy on mommys ribs.
We also had the baby class this week. Thankfully this class went well. We learned about breastfeeding and toured the hospital. Touring the hospital definitely helped relax me more. The breastfeeding made me nervous. I know I want to breastfeed cause it is way better for you and will save us a ton of money! But I don't know it just makes me nervous. 
Well remember mommy loves you!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

30 weeks completed.

Dear Kayden,
Today we completed our 30th week of pregnancy. A ton happened this week!
Well we pretty much finishd the apartment!! All thats left is printing out pictures and putting them in the frames. It looks and feels so much more like a home!!!
On tuesday we had a doctors appt. Everything is right on track. He says there is tons of fluid around you which is good and everything feels like it is the right size. Our next appt is only 3 weeks away in stead of 4. And the next one will only be 2 weeks! Then every week!!! Crazy huh??? Its getting close.
Yesterday was Wednesday and we had a baby class. To be honest I was more freaked out at the end of the class then I have ever been! The teacher showed us the epidural needle and it is huge!! I am so scared of needles as is. And its going into my back! Also the teacher showed us a birthing video. Your daddy freaked out alot! So needless to say we are a lil nervous for the delivery.
Well keep growing strong and stay healthy! Not too much time left!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

75 days left!!!

Dear Kayden,
Only 75 days left till your due date!
Its so crazy your daddy and I have been comparing pictures throughout the pregnancy of how my tummy is growing and just in the last week I have grown alot which means you are growing alot!!! It is so much fun watching my tummy grow since that is the closest thing to watching you grow.
I am getting super exhausted lately but I guess you need the energy more than I do so you are sucking it out of me. The lady teaching our birthing class even said that you would take whatever you need from my body. So I guess I am just gonna be tired for a while.
Only 5 days until we are 3/4 of the way there!
As you can tell I am getting anxious. Lately even my projects aren't enough to distract me. Partially because  know you are coming soon and partially because of the exhaustion thing.
Since I know you are coming so soon all I can think about is being a mom. Honestly it is a little scary... I am just so afraid that one day you will tell me you hate me or that we won't be close. I so want to be here for you! I am super excited too though! I can't wait to take care of you and hold you and show you off.
We are thinking about going to Kuna Days. Its a couple weeks after your due date so it all depends on when you choose to come. If you come on time we might go. If you come 1-2 weeks earlier we will prolly go. It would be fun to show off my handsome lil man to all my friends back there. So its all up to you! Kuna Days is really fun too.
Well remember I love you and try to take it easy on mommy's ribs ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

29 weeks pregnant

Dear Kayden,
We just completed out 29th week of pregnancy! <3
So only 11 weeks left!!!! It's crazy how close it is. I so can't wait to have you! Well not the labor part but the being a mommy part!! Today I was laying in bed reading (since we have no furniture in the living room) and was looking out the window and could see the little playground in our apartment complex. There were moms setting out there watching their kids play. I so can't wait for that!! I know it'll be a while before you can play at the playground but we can take you for walks in your stroller around the park at least.
Well as I said before there is no furniture in the living room. But today our couch comes. So I am currently laying on the floor waiting for it to get here! The apartment is looking amazing. I know it doesn't really matter to you yet but I love it.
Also last night started our preparing for baby class. It was really good! We learned about preterm labor and when to go to the hospital. We also learned relaxation techniques. Some were good. Others not so much. But we have 3 more classes left. Hope we learn lots more cause we have alot left to learn!
Well we are almost there!!
mommy <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

80 days till due date!!

Dear Kayden,
We are getting closer!!! Only 80 days left. Give or take 2 weeks.
Your dad is getting so excited. He has been blowing raspberries on my tummy since he can't quite get to yours yet. I have been spending tons of time sitting in the nursery just relaxing and thinking about how different life will be when you get here.
I am just so excited to hold and love you! Well I already love you but I can't wait till I cant actually look at you and tell you. We've been spending tons of time with your godparents lately. Its been really great. I just know they will be great!
So redecorating is underway and looking great! We can't wait till it is all finished and you are here too! The new couch will be here wednesday and we are gonna go shopping probably wednesday before your baby class. We just have to get all the new stuff up before we get the rest of the new stuff. Needless to say Wednesday is gonna be a crazy day!
I love you tons,