Saturday, July 30, 2011

13 days old! No more umbilical cord!!!

Dear Kayden,
Well the good news is yesterday they took you back off the lights cause you dropped to 12.8! Then today we had another doctor appointment. Your jaundice kept dropping to 12.1! So no more getting pricked!!! YAY!!! We are so so happy.
Well nana came up last night and has been spoiling you tons! Today we did tons. We had the doctor appointment like I said before. Then I had to drop your daddy off at work. It was my first time alone with you in the car. It went well until you started crying but we were almost home so it was okay. Then nana gave you a sponge bath. We went grocery shopping and you slept through the whole thing which was kinda nice but I couldnt figure out where to put you. Your car seat took up the whole cart! But we didnt need to get much so it was okay. Next we came home and nana started making your daddy and me a picnic for our anniversary. After she got a bunch of stuff cooked we went to Jimmy Johns bought a loaf of day old bread. We went to Nature Park and fed the ducks. You slept through it though. But the ducks were super close!
After we came home from the park I had to go pick up your daddy from work. Then we came home and fed you. Then daddy and I went on a picnic back at Nature Park. We left you with nana for like an hour. We came back to her cuddling with you!
Also today your umbilical cord fell off! I am so excited to give you a regular bath! Sponge baths were hard.
You have been awake for like 3 1/2 hours so far! Hopefully you go to sleep soon so we can go to sleep. But atleast nana let me take a nap for like 45 minutes today.
Tomorrow is church! we cant wait to show you off!
well we love you tons,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

11 days! Jaundice update

Dearest Kayden,
Yesterday your daddy took you to the dr cause I cant stand seeing you in pain anymore. So he decided to have a boys morning out and I just stayed home and got a little rest.
 They took you off the light it was so great. It was the best anniversary present ever! We went to the park for the first time. We only did one lap and then you were fussy so we were gonna go home but then you fell asleep so your daddy and I went and got ice cream. It was so nice being able to move you around without the cord.
Oh and your circumcision ring fell off! So that is all healed up thankfully. And your umbilical cord is starting to bleed around the edges which means it is getting ready to fall off. It stinks you are in pain but I am glad that you are almost back to normal and I can give you real baths!!!
Well last night was really hard. You were super fussy. We even moved your swing in the bedroom. It worked for a lil bit but not for long. I even had to send your daddy out to the living room so he could sleep a couple of hours. But of course about 30 minutes after he left you decided to finally fall asleep. I didnt want to move you because I was afraid you would wake up so my wrist is killing me today.
Well then this morning we took you to the doctor. I had to leave the room when they pricked your heal because it is just super hard. Well today was suppose to be your last appointment but when they called us  your jaundice went up from a 13.9 to 14.7. So sadly we had to put you back on the light. It really upset me. So tomorrow they are going to have to prick you again tomorrow. :( I am so sorry you have to go through any pain hun. Mommy is trying to protect you and make you better I just wish you could understand that.
Well your daddy is off to work tonight and I am so tired. So please sleep lots today. I love you tons hun!

Monday, July 25, 2011

8 days old

My lil glow baby,
Today has been a good day. We went to the doctor to check your jaundice levels again. When the nurse pricked your heel you cried super hard. It broke my heart! I couldnt get you to calm down. It was really hard on me. Tomorrow when we go back we are most definitely asking them to give you sugar water cause that seems to help alot. Well we got the results and you dropped down again. You were at a 17.6 yesterday and today you are at a 15.6! So you dropped 2 points in 2 days. The doctor said if you drop more by tomorrow they will take you off the biliblanket! I am so ready to have you off the machine. Its really hard not being able to do anything. Even switching rooms is really difficult! So lets hope tomorrow you can get off it and will keep getting healthy!
Also today you have done some hilarious things. Daddy was changing your diaper and I was telling him to hurry cause I thought you were going to pee on him. When he lifted you up to make sure your diaper was on right you sneezed right in his face. It was super funny!! Also later on today your diaper was dirty so I told your daddy to change it. And he was like Okay Kayden lets clean your poo and you farted and pooed really loud right after he said that. The look on your daddys face made me laugh so hard. He started pouting pretty hard core.
There isnt much else happening today. Your daddy is at work. And we are just chilling at home. You are sleeping in your lil bassinet in front of me.
Well keep getting better!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One week old already!!

My lil Kayden,
I can't believe you are already a week old. Its exciting to see you grow but at the same time don't like it! I want you to stay my precious lil baby forever butI know that won't happen.
Well last night was absolutely awful! You've been having painful gas so we couldn't get you to go to sleep. It was past 1 when we finally went to sleep. And of course you were back in the bed with me. But that was the only way to get you to sleep. I felt so bad that you were hurting and there was nothing I could do to stop it. We did give you some tylenol and that seemed to really help. Besides that all that helped was nursing but I couldn't do that all night.
But this morning you seemed to be getting better. I have been moving your legs around and that seems to help releave the pain.
I have been hurting alot too! I had to get out of bed after midnight and take a bath to help soothe the pain. Your daddy was sweet and took care of you while I was in there. I even took a nap in the tub! I guess I was pretty exhausted. And then all day today I pretty much slept. Your daddy took care of you in the living room while I napped. He brought you in to be fed every couple of hours. I got up around 430 pm. I could have kept sleeping but I figured I should prolly get up at some point today. It was so cute when I came into the living room you and your daddy were in the papa san chair watching a history documentary. He had the chessiest grin on his face cause you were watching your first documentary. He was quite proud.
Well not much more has happened today. We couldn't go to church cause you are still on the little blanket light thing. We go back to the dr tomorrow and are hoping they tell us we can get off it.
well remember we love you and please dont grow up too fast!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 days old!

Dearest Kayden,
Well today was a good day but last night was kinda hard. Because of the Jaundice you slept pretty solid all day long so last night you were awake for quite a bit and it was killing me. Your amazing daddy was so great and at one point took you in the other room and rocked you while I slept cause I was just completely exhausted. He takes such good care of us!
Then today we had to go to the hospital to get your jaundice levels checked. After your appt while waiting for the results it was a really hard time for me. It just doesnt seem fair that you are so small and young and have something wrong. So I pretty much cried for a hour straight.I was just so worried and so scared something would happen to you.
Well once we had been home for like an hour they called with the test results. Yesterday you were at a 20.1 and today you are at a 17.6!! That is a huge drop. We just need to get you down to a 12. Since there was such a big drop today we dont have to go back in till monday thankfully. I hate seeing them prick your heel but you are pretty good with it.
Oh yesterday I forgot to tell you that daddy gave u a blessing to try to get you better. I think that is why you had such a significant drop. I hope you know what a blessing it is to have the priesthood in our home. I wasnt really raised in a home with it so I am super greatful to have it now. I hope you always stay worthy of it hun. Your wife will appreciate it so much.
Well since we've been home we havent done much. Just fed you lots and cuddled lots. Please keep getting better bud. Mommy hates having this machine set up on you. I just want you to be a healthy boy again
I love you more than anything Kayden and am so greatful Heavenly Father sent you to me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

5 days old. Circumcision and Jaundice

Dearest lil Kayden,
Today had its up and downs.
Nana came up and spoiled you wrotten. She helped out a ton around here too. At the moment you are in her arms with your eyes wide open looking around. Nana has been such a huge help since youve been hold. So when you read this make sure you call and thank her!
Well today we took you to get circumcised and it broke my heart! You weighed and even 7 lbs. So you are gaining weight which is good! But when it came time to do the circumcision I had to leave the room cause I just can't stand to see you in pain. Daddy waited with me in the waiting room but Nana stayed in the room with you. It made me feel so good that someone was with you. While we were getting you all ready for your surgery we had to change your diaper. And you peed all over the table. It was pretty bad. Then after the surgery when the nurse was cleaning everything up you peed all over her! Then we had the dr check you for Jaundice cause we thought you looked a little yellow.
Then we went to eat at Red Robin and you slept the whole time which was nice.
After that we went to walmart and picked up a few items you needed. Then we had to go to JcPenney cause you keep peeing through all your pjs and only two of them have gloves. So we picked out 4 new pjs and nana picked out quite a few outfits and insisted on paying for it all. We even put you in one of the onesies she bought for a lil bit tonight.
Well once we got you home Nana gave you a bath since you peed all over yourself twice. Right after she had finished giving you your bath you peed everywhere again! So she had to give you another one. I think its quite funny that you keep peeing everywhere.
Oh and while we were at JcPenney the Dr called and said you do have Jaundice. It is so scary for mommy and daddy. It is hard for us to see you sick even though its not really sick but yeah. So they had a little light machine delivered to the house and we have to keep you on it pretty much 24/7 for the next few days. Tomorrow we go back to the dr to have you jaundice levels checked again. Lets hope they are lower. Today they are at a 20.
Well that is about all that has happened with you today. It is getting really late so I am going to feed you and head to bed.
Remember we love you lots,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 days old and first sponge bath

Dearest Kayden,
Last night was an adventure. You stayed up for alomst two hours solid! It was crazy. You ate a ton! Pretty much the whole time. Between that and pooping it was an eventful two hours. You wore 3 different pjs last night too! First one daddy didnt keep you covered while changing your diaper. So you peed everywhere! It was funny. He jumped back leaving me and you to get covered in pee. I covered you up pretty quick though and got you a new pair of pjs. Later on you peed through your diaper on those. And then we put your last set on that actually lasted through the night.
Today has gone really well. Daddy has been gone for most it though. So its just us. But Nana is coming up tonight. She is super excited to see you. She spoils you rotten already.
We gave you your first sponge bath since coming home this afternoon. It went really well. You were awake for most of it and cried very little. So that was nice. Plus we got to put you in your super cute robe.
Something we have  to work on is this whole cluster feeding thing. For the last 4 hours you have eaten every hour! It totally helps the engorgement thing but makes it where I cant do anything which is hard but its okay cause I am hurting too much to actually do anything!
Well tomorrow is your circumcision and I am really nervious. It  is super hard for me not to be holding you and taking care of you but I dont think I can be in the room with your during the circumcision cause when you cry it breaks my heart. So daddy and I will prolly have to wait in the waiting room while they do the surgery. Its just so sad that you are so young and already have to undergo something like that but I know itll be alot better for you in the long run so we are going to do it. Thankfully this isnt something you will remember.
Well remember I love you!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 days old and First Doctors Appt!!

Dear Kayden,
Last night was your first night at home with us. It wasnt that eventful. At first we put you in the bassinet to sleep but with every lil sigh or deep breathe I would startle awake to check on you. So I quickly moved you into bed with me even though I swore I would never let you sleep in bed with us at such a young age. Daddy wasn't too pleased about it but was nice enough not to say anything.
Today was also your first Dr appt too. It went well. You were not very happy at all that you had to get naked or that you were poked and prodded. But it had to be done. You are completely healthy. Today you weighed in at 6 lbs and 12 ounces. So you are right on track.
You have had 3 dirty diapers since we got home. Your daddy is being such a big help with those.
Today you are wearing the cutest little dinosaur onesie that our friend Lindsey got for you.
Well you are eating tons and sleeping tons just like it should be. And your daddy and I fall more in love with you every minute.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 days old!!!

Dearest Kayden,
You are so precious!! You are currently laying across my chest asleep.
You were delivered July 17, 2011 at 2:46 pm. Labor went pretty easily. We went into the hospital early that morning and started on pitocin. Then Dr Hall came in and broke my water. I went into active labor around 9 am. So all in all I was in active labor less then 6 hours. Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am that it passed that fast for my first delivery. You weighed 7 lbs and 1 ounce. You are 21 inches long and absolutely perfect!

Your daddy cut the cord which totally made your nana cry. I was mostly in shock. I was trying to push you out fast cause you were posterior causing alot of pain even though I had an epidural. So it was hard to wrap my head round the fact you were finally here.
I think your daddy has come to terms that you are here but its still surprising to me. You have been such a good baby! You sleep really well and latch on pretty quickly when you are hungry.
Well today we were discharged and came home. Muffin isnt sure how she feels about you yet. She just knows that something small is laying in her place on her mommy. She will get use to it! You have done really well! You slept the whole way here and then slept in your swing for a little while. You have already fed a couple times and daddy changed your diaper.
Well tonight is our first night at home together so lets hope it goes good! We already have your bassinet in place and will probably head to bed soon.
We are so glad to have you! You have been such a blessing to us already! We love you so much,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 days left.....

Dear Baby,
Only 3 days are left until we head to the hospital.
Lately pregnancy has been getting really hard on me. I almost passed out just grocery shopping for like 30 minutes yesterday. I just want to get everything ready for you before your here and I feel like I am running out of time and energy. It doesnt help that I am suppose to be conserving energy for labor and delivery!
We are so excited to meet you and hold you. We have already begun planning your baby blessing. Not that you will remember it but itll be a day for all of us to remember. Jonnys mom and brother are flying up for it! And my dad is talking about coming up for it. So hopefully lots of family and friends will show up. We are gonna try to do a bbq afterwards at a park but we will see when the time gets closer if that is possible or not.
Muffin seems to be getting quite anxious lately. Not sure if its becuase she can tell something is about to change or what. But I am excited to see how you two interact. Obviously you won't be doing much for a while and muffin is pretty lazy so I dont think much will happen till you are crawling or walking. Just please please please dont be allergic to cats. It would break mommys heart to have to get rid of muffin but I most definitely would do it for you.
The nursery is pretty much finished. We need to finish hanging up the rest of the clothes we have for you but people keep bringing us more. Not that I am complaining all of the gifts definitely have been a big help. I just need more hangers!! But we will make it work.
Your nana has been spoiling you like crazy already. Everytime we see her she has a new outfit or something for you. She bought you this really cool light projector sound maker thing. I havent got to see it yet but I am excited to get it! She will bring it up saturday.
Your grandma bought you a really nice pack n play! It is so nice to have one of those! We have been trying to find one but they were just so expensive we havent had the money to get you a nice one and I couldnt find a good used one.
The only thing I really wish we had was one of those play mats that has all the stuff hanging above it. and we will need to get you one of those walker things once you start sitting up on your own. But we will wait and see what else we get as gifts and wait a lil longer cause we dont have too much space left.
Well remember we love you lots,

Monday, July 11, 2011

39 weeks completed!!!

Dear Baby,
Today we completed our 39th week together!! It is so crazy that that much time has passed. Only 1 week until your due date but thankfully Dr. Hall is letting us induce Sunday morning. On the downside I have to be there at 6:30am!! I am so not a morning person but I will prolly just go back to sleep once they have me all hooked up :).
I am so nervous/excited about having you. I am nervous about labor but I feel better knowing when it is gonna be atleast and we will be at the hospital when it starts which is good. I am so excited to bring you home but me and your daddy have lots to do before you get here. Today we went grocery shopping and we are gonna go again saturday to pick up milk and things like that. Saturday we are going to finish up everything that needs done. Lots of cleaning and organizing so I can relax when we get home.
The bishop of our ward says he talked to the relief society president and they are going to bring meals for the first couple days so that'll be nice not to have to worry about that.
We also need to find someone to take care of Muffin while at the hospital. But thats about all that is left. So saturday will be a busy day and Sunday we will get to meet you! Yay!!!
Your nana is gonna come up saturday night prolly so she doesnt have to drive so early in the morning. And Bret and Tabbie will prolly come up sunday sometime to meet you. But we are gonna ask everyone else to wait until we are home for them to come meet you.
Well remember we love you lots and only 6 days till we get to meet you,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

38 weeks 3 days

Dear Baby,
Mommy is feeling totally anxious tonight. Well today your daddy and I had an amazing job interview. It is managing a storage rental facility with some office spaces. It comes with an all expense paid 2 bedroom apartment! This would be so perfect for our lil family! It went so amazing. We now just have to wait and see if we get it. It started out with about 50 applicants. 10 of which got phone interviews. 3 of which got interviews in person today. And that is where we are at! We will know by monday at the latest if we get the job or not. I really want it so you can spend even more time with your daddy because the apartment is on site! And they are super animal friendly.
I am also anxious because as I told you before Monday we will find out when we can induce.
So Monday is gonna be a big day!
You have been moving tons today! Sad to say I cant really enjoy feeling it anymore cause you are just so strong it usually hurts :(. But not too much longer and we will have you. 10 days max!
Remember we love you so much,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

38 weeks and 1 day

Dear Baby,
This past week has been hard. Lots of cramping and contractions! It is super painful and exhausting. I miss getting out and can't wait to have you and take you to the park! To make things even worse the Nausia has started to come back and its super hot! So that makes it even harder to get out.
Yesterday was the 4th of July! We didnt do too much cause I get tired super easy. We did go to the arcade and I spanked your daddys butt!!! It was way fun. I cant wait to take you to arcades and things like that.
So today we had a Drs appt. Everything is healthy and right on track. We were hoping to go in and the doctor would check me and say I was at a 2 so we could schedule an inducement. But sadly I havent dialated any more from last week. So I am still at a 1. So we couldnt schedule an inducement. The Doctor is going out of town next week which makes me really nervous!! But in 6 days we are going back in and getting checked agian. If we are at a 2 then we will scheule an inducement for next week. If not we are getting induced on the 17th at the latest! I just really wanna schedule an inducement so we are at the hospital when everything happens and your nana could definitely be there! Also I dont wanna be alone when I go into labor! It would be super scary.
Ive been having lots of cramps and contractions tonight. But we just met with the Dr and he said it would prolly be a while. So I bet its just false labor so I dont wanna have your daddy come home. But I hate being home alone when I am in pain! So I dont know what to do.
Well your daddy and I got the last couple things we need for you except a play mat and a play pen. But your grandma is getting you a play pen. Shhh. We arent suppose to know yet. And your daddy and I are looking for a play mat still but havent found one we like at a decent price.
Well we are still deciding on names. We have 4 now but I am not allowed to tell anyone yet. Ill post it on here after we have you and pick one so you know what your other names could have been.
Well we love you lots and hope to meet you soon!