Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day Care

Dear Kayden,
In January I took a job working at a tax agency as a receptionist. It is a seasonal job until April. When I found out about the job we worked your dads schedule around so he would be home with you during the day except for 2 hours 4 days a week. We found someone from the ward who was available to watch you during that time so it seemed like everything was working out perfect.
Of course things are rarely actually that easy. Your fathers schedule got messed up. We were able to move it around so that he could be home with you all day on wednesday and friday. Most of the day monday he is also home. Your Aunt Carissa has been watching you on Monday for 3 hours during the day. Tuesday and Thursday were the problem though. We did lots of research and decided to put you in a daycare instead of with a babysitter. We found one with great reviews, a fun schedule for you, and right on my way to work. Its called Mother's Choice.
You started there last Tuesday. I had such a hard time leaving you. I cried the whole way to work. You didn't even seem to care. You ran off to play. Which I guess is a good thing. Thursday I woke you up to get you ready to go again only to discover you had thrown up. You caught the 24 hour flu. So since your dad had school all day I stayed home with you. You threw up most of the day. I ended up having to call your Aunt Carissa for help. She came and held you while I cleaned the couch and living room.
Yesterday you went back to day care again. You did great. They always rave about how well behaved you are. You have so much fun and seem to be making friends. There are 2 other boys close to your age also named Kayden just spelled different. Your favorite thing definitely seems to be the slide.
I think taking you to daycare will be good socialization skills for you. Its just hard for me. Once April rolls around I will probably stay at home with you once again.