Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby Food

Dear Kayden,
So I forgot to blog about you eating baby food.
Well youve been eating it for a couple weeks. You love carrots. But you get them everywhere! Usually on your nose.
You also like sweet potatoes.
You aren't sure how you feel about the squash. You'll eat it but you make funny faces.
You didn't really like green peas the first couple times but Nana finally got you to take them. This is the first time you took them.
You get to have fruit but only mixed into your rice cereal. You love peaches and pears. You will get to try bananas soon.
You are eating soo much now! You eat rice cereal when you wake up and right before bed. And you get baby food for lunch. You get juice with all 3 and randomly throughout the day but only up to 4 oz.
I love seeing you experience new things and grow so big.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Christmas!

Dear Kayden,
Its 8:15 and your very first Christmas is coming to a close. It has been such a special day and made me so greatful to have you in our family!
Well you woke us up at 7:30 this morning. First thing you got to do was open your stocking. It is a very special stocking cause your Nana made it just for you!
Here is us opening your stocking. It was mostly bath toys and a bubble wand.
Then you got to open presents. Here is the horse Jeff got you. Okay really we opened an account at Wells Fargo and they gave it to us but Jeff is the one that helped us!

Heres this cute lil puppy dog you got that sings and talks and does all sorts of cute stuff! You played with it quite a bit today. You can also see your sea horse. Its belly glows and it plays soothing music. And your rubber duck mirror. It float and sticks to the sides of the tub.
And here you are surrounded by all your presents! You had a pretty good christtmas overall I think. Besides whats listed above you got a Christmas teddy, a spinning top, 7 story books, a pop up thing (its in front of you), a litte blue singing thing, a chair to eat in, and a johnny jumper!
Your nana got you the puppy, sea horse and pop up thing.
Your grandma got you some clothes.
It was so fun seeing you play with your new toys but then you got overstimulated so we had to give you a bath to calm you down.
After your bath you got to wear a cute Santa Outfit!
You were the cutest lil santa!
Nana and Grandpa Bret came up later on and we took turns spoiling you. Bret loved just sitting with you.

You had such a fun exciting day. You played and went swimming. And ate lots (Ill blog about that tomorrow).
You got lots of new toys but the most important part was you were surrounded by family who love you very much. We are so happy you are here to celebrate Christ's birthday with us and even happier you are a part of our family! We love you so very much!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Dear Kayden,
Today is your first Christmas Eve. It was a fun day. Even though last night you didnt do too good so you were fussy this morning but after a nap we opened our Christmas Eve Jammies! Its a family tradition.
After that we went swimming. It was so fun. You seemed to be confused but you liked it.
When we got home we were covered in Chlorine(or however you spell it) so we took a bath. You just looked at us like we just did this!
We drove around and looked at lights and after dinner read the Nativity story. Now you are deep asleep in my arms.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Learning your name

Dear Kayden,
You have finally started responding to your name! It is great. I love that I can just say Kayden and you turn and look at me. It is so fun.
Well a week from today you turn 5 months old! It is so crazy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your feet!!

Dear Kayden,
You have discovered your feet! It is so cute.
Today you were sucking on your big toe. I just laughed!
You grab your feet and stare at them all the time.

It is so fun seeing you develop and grow!

Christmas Time!!!

Dear Kayden,
Its finally time to start all the fun christmas traditions. I am so excited for your first Christmas. It is so hard not to go overboard. I am trying hard but I may have already failed lol!
You absolutely love Christmas lights!
Isn't it sooo cute! I love it!
We already got all your presents. You came with us shopping so we could see what you smiled at since you can't tell us what you like. While we were at Toys R Us we had some fun.

Okay so you didn't care for the hat so we didn't get it. But we got you lots of other toys! But Ill tell you about them on your actually Christmas blog.
We also got you Santa Diapers!!
Aren't they fun!
We couldn't help but put the hat on you too!
Well after we thought we were all done Christmas shopping your Nana gave us your Christmas check. So we went shoppin again and got you 3 more toys!
And you still have alot coming still! Needless to say its gonna be an amazing Christmas for you. Although I am being lazy and not wrapping your gifts. So they are all sitting under the tree. Its so cute you stare and smile all the time at them. I'm not sure how put you know they are for you. Well you still have 19 days before you get to play with them!
We also got pictures done with Santa. So we are sending them out for the whole family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

4 months! & Thanksgiving!!

Dear Kayden,
So you might notice you turned 4 months old 11 days ago! Sorry!! Life has gotten crazy. But I am catching up now :)
So your 4 month check up went good. You were 15 lbs and 10 oz! You almost weighed as much as our turkey! And you are more than twice your birth weight! You are growing so fast!! You had to get shots :(
They went really bad this time. You screamed and screamed for quite a while. It broke my heart. That weekend we took your 4 month photos.
Just a couple of my favorite outfits and of course your Thanksgiving outfit!

Aren't you super cute!!!
I love the lil turkey on your butt!!!

Well Thanksgiving was super fun. We let you try mashed potatoes and you loved them!
Oh and just the other day you rolled from you back to your tummy but only once!
On the down side you have stopped being a good sleeper. Actually you were never a good sleeper but you got even worse! You won't sleep unless someone is holding you! So I have been holding you all night. Its exhausting. But I love you so much that its okay. Hopefully this will end soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tons of new stuff!!!

Dear Kayden,
So much happened last week! Well lately we've been doing this fun little screaching game with you! Its so cute and fun. I caught a video of you doing it with your daddy!!
It always makes me laugh! But since you have discovered you can make noise you do it alot! Even if noone does it back you just squeal and scream. I am just waiting till you try to do this during sacrament...

Also this week you got to ride on your daddy's shoulders! It was so cute.
 The funniest part was you kept eating your daddy's hair! As you can see in the second picture you were grabbing it with both hands and pulling it towards your mouth! The whole back area of his head was wet! It was so funny!!!

After a while of being up there something even funnier happened!!
YOU SPAT IN YOUR DADDY'S HAIR!!!He freaked out. I almost peed from laughing so hard.

You spent alot of time with your daddy this week! You chilled and played alot!

You also got to try Orange Juice this week. You were'nt sure how you felt about it. The grape juice you started taking alot better. But you still don't really take the orange juice.

You still love bath time! You have discovered Sheriff duck. You had a stare down it was pretty great.
Not much more has happened. You get more handsome each day.
I can't believe in 2 days you turn 4 months old. The time is apassing all too fast!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Grape Juice & New Trick

Dear Kayden,
Today you got to try Grape Juice!

You weren't sure how you felt about it. At first I think you thought it was formula because that's all you get in a bottle. But you drank some of it. Hopefully that'll help with the constipation! I am so excited when I see you try new things. It's pretty great! We also got you orange juice. That'll be tomorrow. You took your cereal okay tonight. But you recently learned this new trick its super cute until you do it with a mouth full of cereal. I do it to you all the time so I love that you picked it up. But you usually make this face when I do it.

the face
you doing it
You also got to see your first snow. You were super confused! You didn't like your lil suit to keep you warm. You will learn to like it though.... hopefully

You have also learned how tomake noise. It's so fun. You will squeal then I will immitate it back and we just go back and forth until I laugh so hard I can't keep going. I just love spending time with you!!

P.s. Aren't you soooo cute

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Liquid Suppository

Dear Kayden,
Well you've been taken your rice cereal really good these last couple of days. You even slept 6 hours straight last night! Its been really great.
On the down side today you were pretty consipated. I don't think it was just because of the rice cereal though. You just got it yesterday and today. But you didn't have a dirty diaper all day yesterday.
We went to church today. You were really fussy the first two hours. But by the third hour we could tell you were in pain and trying to go potty but it wasnt working. So we called your nana, of course.
Then off to walgreens we went. I know it was sunday but we had to get you medicine and no way it could wait! So we got liquid childrens suppository.
I couldn't do it. So your daddy did. Of course as soon as he was done you started going. It was super runny and so gross. You dirtied that changing pad. Then you filled your diaper. When changing it the poo kept running out of the diaper onto the changing pad and the floor! It was beyond gross lol. Then you dirtied a 3rd diaper.
Now things are back to normal.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again anytime soon!!
Well something new every day.
p.s. Daddy loves you lots for cleaning up all that!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another First!!! Rolling over

Dear Kayden,
Today while having tummy time on the play mat you rolled onto your back!!!
We were so excited. So we put you back on your tummy and you did it again! Thankfully your daddy as here to see it because he misses alot of firsts.
You are just growing up so fast.
Now we are working on you sitting up on your own. That will be nice! We've been balancing you and having you lean on your legs a little bit and you can sit for a couple seconds but then you fall sideways. It's pretty cute!
I love seeing you do so many new things. I can't believe you are almost 4 months old! This first year really does fly by.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear Kayden,
Today the two of us were out to lunch with a good friend of mine. You were being fussy so I decided to give you a piece of lemon to suck on. I expected a sour face but thats not what I got. At first you fought it. Then you licked your lips. I gave it to you again and you went to town sucking on it. It was so funny.
So apparently you like sour stuff. Its funny how different that is from your daddy and me. Occasionally I like sour stuff but I prefer sweet or savory before sour. I wonder if you will prefer sour or if you just liked that it was something new. Maybe on Thanksgiving you can try some mashed potatoes :)
Also today we noticed your eyes are going brown!! I win!!! I can't wait to see when they fully change. You are so handsome and get cuter every day!
Today I thought alot about you growing up. I thought about when you turn 8 and hopefully get baptized. When you turn 12 and go to the temple for the first time. When you turn 16 and go on your first date. When you turn 19 and go on your mission. And around 22 when you get married! I am scared these things will come too fast but at the same time I am so excited for them! I love you so much and hope you follow this path in your life. You will be such an example to those around you.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drinking the bath water

Dear Kayden,
Remember how I told you I let you try to swim in the bath. Well I have had to stop that cause you keep trying to drink the water! Not just sipping it. Throwing your whole face in it! This of course results in choking and coughing. Which always scares me. So no more of that.
But of course you have found a way around it. You did your hand in the water then suck it dry and repeat. Thats my stubborn boy. Hopefully you work this hard at other things in your life when you are older. We can hope.
Well today is th first of November, which means THANKSGIVING!! YAY. I know this doesnt mean much to you because you just drink milk and occasionally eat rice cereal. But next year you will love it. Maybe Ill let you have some mashed potatoes this year :).
Lately you have been waking up 4-5 times a night. Your father and I would really appreciate if you would start sleeping for atleast 3 hours straight! That would be great and I don't think its too much to ask!!
Love always,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

1st Trunk of Treat

Dear Kayden,
Techinically tomorrow is Halloween but this weekend we celebrated it.
We went to our ward party just for an hour on friday. Then we headed up to your nanas.

Saturday we carved pumpkins. Then we went trunk or treating at nanas ward.

 You were the cutest lil tiger. We got lots of candy. Yay for being a mom with a lil one that can't eat the candy yet!
We had lots of fun at nana's. I am excited to move up there so that we can all be together more often.
I love seeing your first holidays. It was such a fun day.
You also got rice cereal for the first time.

You weren't sure how you felt about it. Some times you take it other times yo would just spit it right out. You will get use to it over time though.
You feel asleep on nanas bed saturday night.

We didn't want to move you so we decided Mom and Bret would sleep on the couch and your father and I would sleep on the floor in nanas room. As soon as we laid down to fall asleep you woke up. So I moved to the couch with you. Nana slept out in the living with me for the first half of the night and then your daddy slept out in the living room for the other half.
We had such a great time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sick again :(

Dear Kayden,
Your daddy has been sick lately. And this morning you projectille threw up all over mommys feet. It was mostly stomach acid and it really scared me.
We took you to the dr. You are up to 13 lbs and 14 ounces! He says you just have the bug going around.
You threw up again later today. It makes me feel so bad! I just want to fix it but I can't do anything.
I hope it passes fast for you.
On the positive side, You are going to be pretty much every night at 8! Its so great!!! You also slept 6 hours straight last night! It was very much needed. I was getting exhausted.
Well this weekend is Halloween weekend! I cant wait for your first holidays!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Change of locations!

Dearest Kayden,
So your daddy and I were talking about where we wanted to live. We thought we were gonna settle in the SLC valley. But then we started thinking about you and your future siblings.
I wasn't raised close to other family members and I want you to be raised near your nana. So we decided we would move to Pocatello so you can be near her.
Just have to see if it works out.
I just hope we get everything right so that your life is the best it can be!
Remember we love you,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Found your hands!

Dear Kayden,
I just realized I forgot to tell you about your find this past weekend. You have discovered your hands!
Its so cute you play with them all the time. You also suck your thumb now.

I love! I wonder how long till you discover your feet? That will be fun too.
You have changed your bedtime routine too. Im not complaining you are out by 8 now! Its pretty nice. But last night was a rough one :(. I hate nights like that cause it makes you have a bad day. You are pretty fussy this morning because you are so tired. But your daddy is holding and rocking you even though he is exhausted too! He loves you so much.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 months old!

Dear Kayden,
So this past monday you turned 3 months old! I can't believe how fast time has flown. You can stand with some balance help. You are getting so strong!! Hopefully you will start sitting up soon.
Well last night we had a fun date night. You of course were involved.
Also Tuesday night  was the first night I left you with someone who wasnt family. I had to go pick up your daddy from work and I didnt want you screaming in the car. Our neighbor Jessica volunteered to come watch you. I was a nervous wreck but it was only 40 minutes. I rushed but it was good to know I can leave you and you will be okay! I just am not use to it.
Well your first Halloween is getting close. You are going to be a tiger! We are probably going to your nanas to go trunk or treating. Itll be fun! If we don't go there she will come down here. I am so excited that the holidays are so close! 35 days to Thanksgiving!! YAY!!!
We also spent last weekend at your Nana's. It was fun. You loved all the attention.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Laugh

Dear Kayden,
Today you laughed for the first time! It made my day!
You were sound asleep then started smiling. It was so cute. Then you laughed! I wonder what you were dreaming about. I can't wait til your daddy hears you laugh. It is just the cutest thing there is.
Well tonight was  round one. We started you routine at 7:30 like usual. It is now 10:30 and we just laid you down! PLEASE sleep good for us. We could use it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peeing all over daddy :)

Dear Kayden,
So as I have told you part of your bedtime routine is your bath. I get the water running and get in while your daddy gets you naked (on the nights he is home anyway). He hold you until the water is high enough to keep you warm. Well this morning you woke up at 5 so we did your whole bedtime routine to get you to sleep and he was holding you and walked over to the sink. I thought he was trying to get you to look in the mirror but then tons of pee started running out of his arms into the sink. It was hilarious! You sure pee on him alot. I am glad you don't pee on me that much.
Also you don't like to look in the mirror. It's so weird. Most babies love mirrors. The mirror in our bedroom has a print of the temple above it. It's really bright colors so you just stare at it. In the bathroom you usually stare at the fake pink flowers next to the mirror. You do like bright colors. You love to stare at the two paintings we have in the hall way too.
On another note: Please start sleeping longer! Lately you have only been doing 2 hours at a time. Its killing us!!!
But on a happier note you are slowly taking more and more of your bottle. I just hope we get you taking it good before Thanksgiving cause daddy will be in charge on you for 2 days while mommy cooks like crazy!
Love you,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Amazing day

Dear Kayden,
Today has been really good! We are finally figuring out a schedule (we being you and me).  You take 3 naps right now. Its so funny you were sleeping but it was 7:30 which is your bath time and I was debating whether I should wake you up or just let you sleep but you woke up on your own. So I gave you a bath and did the whole bedtime routine and you were out by 8:30! Lets hope your our for a while. Your daddy doesn't get home till 10:20 ish tonight. So you will prolly wake up once by then but hopefully Ill be able to get you back to sleep.
I am just so glad we are learning together. It has been alot easier today.
Oh and we finally got you a coat today. Well actually its a Pram.
We also got you the cutest little jumper that says IpooD on it! I love it! But its a size 12 months. So it'll be a while until you can fit into it.

12 weeks!!

Dear Kayden,
I can't believe you are 12 weeks today. When we were in the mother's lounge I saw a baby that was 3 weeks old and it made me realize how big you've gotten!!
Well this month is halloween. Not sure what we are doing yet. Hopefully our ward will have some activity for us to go to so we can dress you up. Either way I want to get a costume for pictures.
So remember how I told you about your facination with the kitchen aid? I took another photo of it. I just think its the funniest thing. Anytime you are upset it calms you right down!
You just love to stare at it when its on. So we run it and hold you near it and you just stare and stare.
Also this past weekend your daddy and I tried to go out minigolfing. You didnt really seem to like the blacklight. I think its because you couldnt see us very well.
Plus you were pretty tired. It was just 9 holes thankfully.
You are starting to stand really well too! You just gotta work on your balance. You have a hard time with that. I just hope you start sitting up on your own soon but I am not sure it will happen soon.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Formula :(

Dear Kayden,
So lately I just havent been producing enough milk to get you full. I feels so bad about this. I really want to exclusively feed you but its seeming like this is no longer possible. I've been worried about this for a while because I know someone whose milk dried up at 3 months. I thought I wouldn't have a problem since starting out was so easy.
I am really disappointed because you hate formula and I love the private time we get when I feed you. Its so great to hold you and just talk to you while you eat. I hope we will get that way with formula but right now you just hate it. I am still able to feed you a little bit but not very much though. Im really sorry!!
So we went to WIC this morning and had to get formula put on our checks. We get 9 whole canisters of formula a month. That should be plenty especially since I am able to feed you a little.
The last couple of days you have been pretty upset. Im not sure if its the cold weather or formula or both. You just arent too happy. ITs been snowing the last couple of days which is hard cause we can't take you outside.
I love you so much and am doing everything I possibly can for you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sleep Schedule??

Dear Kayden,
The last three nights Ive been trying to give you a bedtime routine to help you sleep better during the night.
Around 7:30 we take a bath with Johnson's bedtime bath stuff. It really seems to have helped! After your bath you get lotioned up with Johnson's Bedtime Lotion. Then we put you in jammies and settle on the couch. I feed you and then you usually fall asleep. So the last couple of nights youve been our by 8:30! Its been really great! No more late nights. Of course you still wake up a decent amount of times during the night but going to bed earlier really helps. Your dad and I head to bed around 9:30 except when he works then we head to bed around 10:30.
I really hope this keeps up! Its been great and should help when you start sleeping through the night.
Well today was pretty cold and rainy. It was a day to just relax on the couch. So we didn't do much. I couldn't take you outside because of the rain. You slept alot! Not sure if you are getting over the cold or if the rain effects you like it effects me. Anytime it rains I get super sleepy!
Well your daddy was amazing and let me take a nap! I think that this was the first nap I've taken since we brought you home. It was only like 20 minutes but it felt so good!!!
You played with your dad alot today. It was so cute!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

11 weeks old! Already!!

Dearest Kayden,
Well today you are 11 weeks old. The time really has flown by. You are baring weight on your legs really good! And you support your head on your own all the time now. Now you just need to learn to sit up on your own! That would be great. We sit you on the couch alot but you slowly fall over.
I also cut my hair this week. I thought it would throw you off for a bit but you didn't seem to notice. Typical boy I guess :)

This weekend was general conference. Your first conference! It was so good. There were talks about having children! It was pretty great. I am so glad we didn't wait and we had you!! You just bring so much joy to our lives. Its so fun watching you grow and learn. You smile more and more every day.

You were pretty upset for the first session of conference this morning. But for the second session you did good.
You seem to be getting better from your cold! We are glad to see you get happy again and not be in pain.
We also have decided its time to start moving you into your crib and out of the swing at night. We layed you in there for a nap today but it did not fly. So we will prolly try again at bedtime.
We sure love you lots!