Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut School shooting

Dear Kayden,
Today was a very sad day. I am sure you will learn about when you go to school. Today there was a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. 20 children and 6 adults died. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Right before Christmas too.
I am so glad you are safe. I cuddled with you extra today. 
To be honest the idea of sending you to school when shootings are happening more and more is scary for me. I am considering home schooling. 
Two days ago there was a shooting at a mall. 
I am hoping things get safer for you but I fear they will only get worse. 
I hope you know I will do everything I can to keep you safe. You mean the world to me and just the thought of losing you makes me break down. 
Your father and I will have to discuss your schooling more as you get closer to that age. I just hope things get better for you.

First sleep over

Dear Kayden,
This week you had your first sleep over. It is finals week for mommy and your Auntie Caca (callista). 
You did surprisingly well. You had dinner at your Auntie Bubs(lauralee) house. 
You did roll off of your aunts bed in the middle of the night but you didn't even get a bruise. 
You supposedly helped with laundry.
You had lots of fun and your aunts loved spending time with you!
You did cry when I first gave you to your aunt to go home but you hadn't taken a nap yet. You slept on the drive home and then were happy.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Family vacation!!

Dear Kayden,
We just got home from vacation to florida/bahamas. It was so fun. The flight into Ft. Lauderdale was interesting. You did pretty good at first. Then you fussed at the end. The first night we stayed right on the beach. You were totally afraid of the ocean. Everytime you get near it you cried.
The next day we moved to a different hotel. We went down to a different beach. You loved the sand but still not a fan of the ocean. We went shopping and just had a blast. We went to a store and you ran around and hugged every mickey mouse you saw. We ended up getting it for you. Its almost as big as you!
The next day we met Aunt Debbie. Your dads family friend. She was so sweet. She brought you a sock monkey that plays peek a boo. You really liked her and her husband. We played with them most of the day. 
The next day we had to go to a time share. It was way long but you got to run around a lot. Then we went to the cruise ship. Everyone on there got to know you. It was so much fun. The cruise director Steve loved you. You played lots with him. When we went to play bingo you found a little girl that was about a year older then you but you walked around holding hands. You both went on stage and danced. It was so cute! We kept saying she was your first girlfriend. But after that neither of you noticed each other.
We went to the Bahamas. We did a glass bottom boat tour. You feel asleep half way through. Then we went to a white sand beach. It was so fun. You actually played in the water! It was a blast. We went shopping. You got a little maraca shaker thing. You love dancing with it. 
The next day the boat docked. Then we drove to Orlando. We went to Janets house for dinner. She works with your grandma. Your grandma was so excited to spend time with you.
The next day we met up with your grandma and went to Gatorland! It was fun to see all the gators and you got to spend time alone with grandma while we went ziplining. That night we went to Medieval Times for dinner. Your Grandma spent the night with us.
The next day went to downtown disney. We saw all the shops and just explored. We flew home that night. 
It was so great to get to get away for a whole week.