Sunday, September 23, 2012

14 months

Dear Kayden,
Life has been so busy. You are not only walking but full on trying to run now! Emphasis on trying though. You make it about 3 steps and then fall but you laugh so hard. Its so cute.
You are 32 inches and 25.7 lbs. Growing like a weed. But a pretty darn cute one!!

I am loving watching how fast you learn. You recently figured out what keys do so when you want to go outside you take the keys to the door. Its so cute! 
You love being outdoors. Especially riding in the car nana got you for your birthday.
We just got new phones so you can video chat with nana all the time. You love it.
We have been skyping with your grandma once a week lately too.
We got to go to the zoo yesterday with some of your aunts and cousins. It was way fun.
Love you so much,