Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby Food

Dear Kayden,
So I forgot to blog about you eating baby food.
Well youve been eating it for a couple weeks. You love carrots. But you get them everywhere! Usually on your nose.
You also like sweet potatoes.
You aren't sure how you feel about the squash. You'll eat it but you make funny faces.
You didn't really like green peas the first couple times but Nana finally got you to take them. This is the first time you took them.
You get to have fruit but only mixed into your rice cereal. You love peaches and pears. You will get to try bananas soon.
You are eating soo much now! You eat rice cereal when you wake up and right before bed. And you get baby food for lunch. You get juice with all 3 and randomly throughout the day but only up to 4 oz.
I love seeing you experience new things and grow so big.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Christmas!

Dear Kayden,
Its 8:15 and your very first Christmas is coming to a close. It has been such a special day and made me so greatful to have you in our family!
Well you woke us up at 7:30 this morning. First thing you got to do was open your stocking. It is a very special stocking cause your Nana made it just for you!
Here is us opening your stocking. It was mostly bath toys and a bubble wand.
Then you got to open presents. Here is the horse Jeff got you. Okay really we opened an account at Wells Fargo and they gave it to us but Jeff is the one that helped us!

Heres this cute lil puppy dog you got that sings and talks and does all sorts of cute stuff! You played with it quite a bit today. You can also see your sea horse. Its belly glows and it plays soothing music. And your rubber duck mirror. It float and sticks to the sides of the tub.
And here you are surrounded by all your presents! You had a pretty good christtmas overall I think. Besides whats listed above you got a Christmas teddy, a spinning top, 7 story books, a pop up thing (its in front of you), a litte blue singing thing, a chair to eat in, and a johnny jumper!
Your nana got you the puppy, sea horse and pop up thing.
Your grandma got you some clothes.
It was so fun seeing you play with your new toys but then you got overstimulated so we had to give you a bath to calm you down.
After your bath you got to wear a cute Santa Outfit!
You were the cutest lil santa!
Nana and Grandpa Bret came up later on and we took turns spoiling you. Bret loved just sitting with you.

You had such a fun exciting day. You played and went swimming. And ate lots (Ill blog about that tomorrow).
You got lots of new toys but the most important part was you were surrounded by family who love you very much. We are so happy you are here to celebrate Christ's birthday with us and even happier you are a part of our family! We love you so very much!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Dear Kayden,
Today is your first Christmas Eve. It was a fun day. Even though last night you didnt do too good so you were fussy this morning but after a nap we opened our Christmas Eve Jammies! Its a family tradition.
After that we went swimming. It was so fun. You seemed to be confused but you liked it.
When we got home we were covered in Chlorine(or however you spell it) so we took a bath. You just looked at us like we just did this!
We drove around and looked at lights and after dinner read the Nativity story. Now you are deep asleep in my arms.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Learning your name

Dear Kayden,
You have finally started responding to your name! It is great. I love that I can just say Kayden and you turn and look at me. It is so fun.
Well a week from today you turn 5 months old! It is so crazy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your feet!!

Dear Kayden,
You have discovered your feet! It is so cute.
Today you were sucking on your big toe. I just laughed!
You grab your feet and stare at them all the time.

It is so fun seeing you develop and grow!

Christmas Time!!!

Dear Kayden,
Its finally time to start all the fun christmas traditions. I am so excited for your first Christmas. It is so hard not to go overboard. I am trying hard but I may have already failed lol!
You absolutely love Christmas lights!
Isn't it sooo cute! I love it!
We already got all your presents. You came with us shopping so we could see what you smiled at since you can't tell us what you like. While we were at Toys R Us we had some fun.

Okay so you didn't care for the hat so we didn't get it. But we got you lots of other toys! But Ill tell you about them on your actually Christmas blog.
We also got you Santa Diapers!!
Aren't they fun!
We couldn't help but put the hat on you too!
Well after we thought we were all done Christmas shopping your Nana gave us your Christmas check. So we went shoppin again and got you 3 more toys!
And you still have alot coming still! Needless to say its gonna be an amazing Christmas for you. Although I am being lazy and not wrapping your gifts. So they are all sitting under the tree. Its so cute you stare and smile all the time at them. I'm not sure how put you know they are for you. Well you still have 19 days before you get to play with them!
We also got pictures done with Santa. So we are sending them out for the whole family!