Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Cold

Dear Kayden,
You haven't been yourself lately and yesterday we were getting worried so we called the dr and made an appt for that night.
You had just been super fussy and nothing helped!!
Right before you got weighed you peed on your daddy and the nurse tiffany. She is so nice. She finished changing your diaper. Then we weighed you and your up to 12 lbs and 5 oz.
The doctor checked you over and said its a slight cold and maybe a lil colicy. Overall its nothing serious. You just dont feel good. So he put you on tylenol for the next couple days. Then we will see what happens.
Its been pretty rough with how upset youve been. Before we could just take you outside to calm you down but that doesn't even work all the time now.
Your daddy stayed home from work to be with us.
Last night you got up every 2 hours until 4. Then you got up every hour. Needless to say mommy is exhausted!!
Todays gone a lil better but still tiring. Lets hope you sleep well tonight!!
Please get better soon. I feel so bad your not well.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 weeks old!!!

Dear Kayden,
You are 10 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast the time has passed. I know I say that alot but it seems like time keeps passing faster and faster.
We had the funest bt time the other night. You were smiling and kicking!

You are just the cutest baby!!
You hate getting in the bath though. You make the sadest face. We wanna make a video so you can see it when you get older.
You were doing the cutest thing the other night!! Your daddy was trying to play with you but you were not interested. You wanted to watch tv. Anytime he turned you towards him you would fuss but once you could watch tv you were good. It was so funny.

See he is tryig to play with you but you are all like tv!
Yesterday you watched almost a whole movie. Bolt! You laid on the couch staring at the tv while I cleaned up. You are becoming so alert and focused.
Well last night was pretty rough. You didnt go to sleep till 130!! So needless to say we didnt make it to church today. You are sleeping pretty good now. We slept in till almost 11 which was nice.
Well we love you lots,

Friday, September 23, 2011

more random pics

spending time with muffin! this is the closest shes ever gotten

i love ur lil jean jacket! ur onezie say mommy is my 1st love :)


you were propped up on the couch. you seemed so confused

sleeping in your carseat

you had just filled your diaper. i love the look on your face

kicking and moving

you look so happy

you love your music mobile

Monday, September 19, 2011

2 months old and 1st shots

Dear Kayden,
This past saturday you turned 2 months old!! We haven't had time to go take pictures yet but when your daddy's financial aid gets here we are gonna take family pictures. So that'll be good. You have gotten so big!
Today was your 2 month check up. You weighed in at 11 lbs and 15 ounces. You've gained almost 5 lbs since birth! You are in the 46th percentile. Its crazy. I knew you were getting heavy. We need to invest in a baby carrier of some sort. You are now 22.5 inches long. You were 19.5 at birth. So you've gained 3 inches. You are in the 28th percentile. Overall you are in the 71st percentile.
The doctor checked you over and everything is healthy and good.
You also had your first shots. It was so hard. I stayed right with you and let you know I was there but you screamed the whole time. It was so hard. But then I nursed you and you calmed right back down. You've been sleeping for a while since then. But I'm glad you aren't in pain.
Well your next check up isn't for 2 months. But you have to get more shots then :(. But then you get baby food! So that's exciting.
We love you tons!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8 weeks & first boo boo

Dear Kayden,
This past weekend we went to your nanas. And lots happened.
Friday we had to wait for your daddy to get off work at 4. Then we packed up quick and got on the road since you were already asleep. You did so good all the way to fort hall. Then you woke up and started screaming. We stopped and fed you but then you just didnt wanna go in the car so you cried the rest of the way to nanas work. We hung out with her for a bit then headed to her house to see aunt tabbie.

We didnt do much that night. You didn't want to go to sleep so nana was trying to rock you and everything while I took a shower. Your daddy had gone to bed by this point. You were still fussing so I laid on the couch and fed you. You fell asleep so I just slept on the couch with you. That way I as propt up so I could feed you easier and your daddy could get some sleep.
Saturday morning your daddy was super confused since he hadn't been woken up all night and I wasn't in bed with him. Nana cooked us breakfast then we got ready to go run errands but your nana was on call and kept getting called into work. We went a got groceries then went to get our nails done. Your daddy and I got pedicures while nana got her nails filled in. She was finished before we were so she took you ( I had been holding you the whole time) and went outside but not much later we heard you screaming. Apparently you threw yourself head first into a wooden pillar. Your nana felt so bad. She cried pretty much the rest of the day. I was able to calm you back down. You have a pretty good scrape on your head but nothing worse thank heavens. We were all really scared because you hit your head really hard. You really have to quit throwing yourself around cause you keep hurting yourself but this is the worst! That night I slept on the couch again cause it was so much easier to feed you but this time your daddy slept on the other couch to be near me and help our with you.
Sunday I was exhausted so we slept in. Nana cooked breakfast again then we played Killer bunnies. Its a really fun card game that you will learn once your older. We play it alot. After dinner we tried and tried to get you to fall asleep but you were not cooperating! You didn't really sleep that whole day! We got you to sleep but when your daddy put you in the car you woke back up. So he drove around till you fell asleep. Then I got in the car and we started home. We didn't even make it out of the subdivision before you woke up. So we went back to nanas. After a little more nursing and holding you a while you were finally asleep and slept the whole way home!
Yesterday your daddy started school again. So now we are adjusting to a new schedule but since you change your schedule about once a week we are getting use to adapting. After he got out of school we went to Idaho Falls to do some errands. We bought you new jammies. You are offiicially in size 0-3months!! You are getting so big. You are in the cutest outfit today.

We went to the bank and went grocery shopping. It took us like 90 minutes because we needed alot!! You slept pretty much the whole time. At the end you woke up and started crying cause you were hungry so I went out to the car with the stroller and you and your daddy checked out. It was so frustrating trying to get outside cause people were moving slow and kept staring at you crying. I was getting so mad cause you were hungry and instead of moving they were staring! There was one nice lady who let me by though. We had to stop on the way home to feed you too. But then you fell asleep and slept the rest of the way.
Today not much has happened. You've been doing really good.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dear Kayden,
So today we went and saw our friends Annie and Abraham Smiths babies. They had twin girls. To be honest it made me a lil sad. I remember when we were in the hospital and you were alot smaller. You are now like 10 pounds! You've already gained like 3 pounds. It is so crazy. It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital but now you are almost 2 months old. So I am just trying to enjoy every moment I have with you cause I know I won't be able to get this time back.
We've been spending lots of time together which is nice cause you are awake alot more now.

You've out grown most your clothes. We went to JcPenney and bought you some more but most of them you don't quite fit into yet. Im excited for you to fit into them. They are super cute!

You've also made a new friend.
I know its just the duck on your car seat. But you keep staring at him. You don't care when I pull him down. You just like staring at him. It is super cute. Its funny cause there is a monkey on your car seat too but you don't really care about him.

Also yesterday I taught you the cutest thing. I was making the indian noise where you pat your mouth at you. And then I was patting your mouth and you would open it. You weren't making any noise but you were trying. It was so cute! I laughed so hard. You were smiling too. But today you haven't been doing it as well. So I'm hoping to teach you more when you wake up tonight.

Well tomorrow you get to go see nana. She is soo excited!

Monday, September 5, 2011

7 weeks old! and meeting grandma

Dear Kayden,
Please stop growing! You are getting so big!!
Well yesterday you turned 7 weeks old. We didn't make it to church sadly. You had a pretty rough night so we stayed home.
You also got to meet your grandma yesterday! Not face to face since she is in florida and unable to travel but through Skype. You were too busy staring at the tv to actually look at the computer but she sure enjoyed seeing you. She is hoping to come in march or april so you can actually meet her then.
Saturday we had an exciting day. We got up and went to the farmers market. It was super fun. Then we went to wingers and introduced you to some old co-workers. Then we had to go to the mall and get you some new pajamas since you out grew most of them. We got your baby sling in the mail but sadly it was too small :( so we had to send it back. The new one will hopefully be here in a week but might take longer.
You and muffin are getting more friendly. She will actually get in my lap while Im holding you.

Not much more happened this last week.
This next weekend we are going to your nana's house! Yay!! Its your aunt tabbies birthday.
Well remember we love you lots,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random pictures

Dear Kayden,
Here are some of the cute pictures from my phone
You prefer to sleep in mommys arms

Aren't you the cutest!! You were totally asleep

One of the few times you let me lay you down to sleep

You were asleep on my tummy like this! I think this is my favorite picture so far!!