Sunday, April 15, 2012

8 month photos

Getting mobile.

Dear Kayden,
You are finally starting to crawl. You aren't quite up on your knees and going but you are rolling and inching your way forward. You are also going up onto your knees you just aren't able to move your knees and hands yet.
You will get there pretty soon!


Dear Kayden,
I told you a little about your first easter already. But here are a couple pictures.
I was so worried you wouldn't do good with the picture but you smiled and kicked and got all excited!

Okay this was more for me. I couldn't resist :)

Warm weather!

Dear Kayden,
The weather is finally warming up! So we've been having lots of fun!You love the swings so we try and go often.

You always smile pretty big!
We also went on your first trip to the zoo! Your favoritre animal was definitely the otters.
 You got confused with the penguins. You kept trying to lean closer to the glass and then hit your head. Your nana came with us. We even got a season pass so we are gonna go back alot this summer.

The second one was in the petting zoo. You weren't too  interested in that though.
I am so glad the weather is warm. Just one more month and then lots more will open! It will be so fun

Grandma Visit.

Dear Kayden,
Your grandma came to visit a couple of weeks ago! It was really great. She spoiled you of course. She bought you pants. a new rubber duck (She's the one who started your collection) and a really cool lil train! Its got lots of blocks and it talks to you. You can ride it or detatch the seat to push it. It has a bunch of cool things for you.
You love to bang the blocks together! Its so cute :)
Its definitely your new favorite toy!
You cant stay on it very long but we are working on it.

You love when we push you around.

Dont you look happy

You've learned to pull the blocks out of the holes.

You have so much fun with it.
Your grandma loved holding you.
Hopefully she will be back soon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Road trips

Dear Kayden,
You've been on 2 roadtrips lately! So you've been busy!!
The first was about 3 weeks ago. Your uncle Chris was getting the priesthood and I felt it was important to go.
Your daddy had to work so it was just gonna be the two of us. But last minute my friend Lindsay and her 6 weeks old daughter came with us.
It was a really easy trip. Suprisingly. Brooke and You slept pretty much the whole time both ways. While we were there you seemed to love the attention.
It was great spending time with everyone. Especially since your Uncle Chris just got deployed for 6 months. So it was nice to see him before he leaves!
The second road trip was last weekend. Your Aunt Caca is getting married and we went to help her search for wedding dresses. Again your daddy had to work so it was us with nana.
It was pretty tiring since it was a 6 hour drive each way. We only went over night. So it was exhausting. But it was great to see so many of my sisters. You even got to see your grandpa. He even gave you a super cute and soft stuffed lamb for easter. Your Aunt Caca got you a stuffed monkey with bunny ears and the best onesie ever! It said I got my good looks from my mommy. :)
Well you were doing lots better with the car but after a while you get fussy. But its progress!