Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 weeks & baby blessing

Dear Kayden,
This past sunday you turned 6 weeks old! Time sure has flown.
But even more exciting was you got your baby blessing! So many people came to celebrate with us. Your aunts Tabitha, Carissa, Callista and LauraLee came up. Along with Carissa's fiance Chris, Callistas boyfriend Charlie, LauraLees son Ethan. Ofcourse your nana was there and your grandpa came up too. Even your Uncle Terry flew  in. Lots of our friends came too. Annie and Abe, Lindsay and Chad, Jeff, and Eric.
It was an amazing blessing. You were blessed to have a strong testimony, serve a mission, go to the temple and eventually be sealed. That part I am curious about but I guess we will just have to wait and see what it means. You were also given the specific blessing of discernment in this life. That will be such a blessing to you and your future family!
Needless to say I cried through just about the whole thing. I am so glad you came into our lives! It just made me feel so blessed to have been given a son as amazing as you!
We had you in the cutest little blessing outfit.

After church we had a picnic at the park with everyone. It gave everyone more time to get to know you. Needless to say they all wanted to hold you the whole time. Your Aunt Callista held you while everyone else ate. All of your aunts are already trying to tell you which one is your favorite. It was so cute.
We all had a great time. You slept most of the time but thats too be expected.
I am really excited to see your blessing get fulfilled.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 weeks and 2 days old! & Gaining weight

Dear Kayden,
Today we had a wic appointment. You weighed in at 9 lbs and 15 oz! You have gained almost 3 lbs!!
It is crazy how fast you gained the weight. You are getting so big. You are 22 inches long now. So you haven't gotten much taller yet but I know it'll happen sooner or later.
We've been working on keeping a routine for bedtime. During your awake time you've been getting tummy time. You are getting stronger each time it seems.

You've been awake from 7-1030 lately. Its fun for the first little bit so we can play but near the end you just get fussy. But you've been sleeping really good lately in your swing at night. During the day you just sleep where ever you fall asleep either in our arms or on the couch.

Its funny that in this picture you are stretched out because you are usually in a ball.
Also your baby blessing is this sunday. Lots of family and friends are coming to meet you and we are super excited for it! Your grandma isn't going to be able to come though. But she was really nice and sent us a package. It had 2 cute new outfits for you but they are bigger so itll be a while before you can fit into them. She also sent us some money. So we bought you some new toys and went out to dinner. You were so good and slept while we ate. You have been waking up enough to play with the toys too!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Month already!!!

Dearest Kayden,
1 month has already passed from that amazing day at the hosptial where you joined our family!
We love having you in our lives and feel totally blessed that Heavenly Father trust us enough to let us raise you.
Today we went to the park and took tons of pictures of you.
You are so handsome.

This is the only family photo we got but I think its good.

This is my favorite picture of your daddy and you! He adores you so much

And this is my favorite picture of us.

You slept pretty much the whole time. It was pretty funny cause you kept fussing when we moved you around. But I wanted to get lots of pictures of you at this age because I dont have any of me that young.

Well after the park your daddy had to go off to work and it was just us. You have been fussing pretty good tonight. I am wondering if you are colicy or just over stimulated. You did have a big day today and we didnt get to go on our walk. Thankfully your daddy came home and swaddled you and took you outside  and you fell asleep!

Well on the upside I think I saw your first real smile this morning. You were eating and all the sudden you just stopped looked up at me and smiled. Your whole face lit up. It was so precious. I can not wait until you start smiling all the time and laughing!
Well we love you so much!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

4 weeks & play mat!!!

Dear Kayden,
Today you are 4 weeks old! You have changed so much in this short time. Compare the pictures if you don't believe me!

It is so fun to watch you grow.
Well lately we've been going walks daily. It helps settle you and helps me work on this pudge. Its been nice to get outside except its been in the 80's! You've been really warm lately so youve just been chilling in your diaper.
Speaking of diapers its just about time to move you up a size! So you are getting bigger :)
Well today hasn't been too exciting. We were suppose to go to church but after our alarm went off I said just 15 more minutes. Then we only had 45 minutes to get ready. That would have been fine but you decided you wanted to eat. And you ate for like 30 minutes!!! You've never eaten so long before! So needless to say we did not make it to church today.
We did try out your playmat though! Your nana bought it for you before you were born. But this is the first time you've been awake enough to use it. You seemed to really like it. Your daddy laid down there with you and played with you. You aren't really old enough to play yet but you liked looking at everything

Since then youve been napping off and on. The cutest time was when you fell asleep on your daddy's chest and then he fell asleep too! He didnt even realize he did till I leaned forward and he startled pretty good.
That's about all that has happened lately. We love you tons!
Love Mommy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

25 days old & lots of stroller rides

Dear Kayden,
Alot has happened in the last couple of days.
Sunday we went up to see Nana. It was your first long car ride. You did sooo good! Your daddy sat in the back with you just to help keep you calm. But you slept the whole time anyway.
We also got to use the play pen that your grandma sent for you. You really seemed to like it. Its really nice and has a bassinet, changing table and musical mobile on it! You really like music so that was nice.

Nana was holding you a ton. We went by her work so she could show you off. She so loves you! We only stayed one night and then came back home. You did good on the ride home too!
Well Monday your Aunt Tabby came up! You really seemed to like her. You slept in her arms quite a bit. Monday night was the best nights sleep we've gotten yet! You slept 5 hours! It was great!!!
Tuesday my visiting teachers came by to meet you. They raved about how cute you are. But who wouldnt :) Tuesday night wasnt too bad.
Wednesday we went for a walk with your aunt tabby. We went a good ways and got snow cones. You just slept the whole time. At first I was worried cause you wouldnt quite crying so I carried you for the first little bit. But you love your stroller.
Last night was horrible though!!! You just wanted to eat constently! I think you are going through a growth spurt. It was really tiring. This morning your daddy took you on a carride to help me get some sleep. Then I fed you. Then he took you for a walk and gave you a bath while I got some more sleep. It was nice but definitely not enough.
 Then I decided I wanted to go for a walk to get more exercise. So then all three of us went for a walk. You slept the whole time again

 It was nice.  Now you are asleep on my legs and daddy is gone to work. But he only works till 8 tonight. YAY!
Please Please Please sleep more tonight. We could really use it.
Love you!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

20 days old & Second real bath

Dear Kayden,
Please quit getting older so fast! Time is just passing way too quickly. It has almost been a month since Ive had you! It is so hard to believe.
Well Im sorry its been a while since Ive posted but its hard to find time with this when taking care of you.
Well since this says your second real bath that means you have already had your first.
Your first was just a couple days after your umbilical cord fell off. At first we put you on your little bath seat that is mesh and everything but you didn't really like it at all. So I put you on my legs and kept you in the water. At first you were confused but you then really seemed to like it.
I love how animated your face is.
Well today we were laying on the couch while daddy was sleeping and you spit up all over my chest. It was really bad. So your daddy had to rush out and get you and then you got your second bath.
You seemed a little more relaxed. But half way through the bath you peed on me. It wasnt alot thankfully. Then when we were just about done you spat up again. So needless to say we had to clean you again.
Also today we went out about running errands and right as we were about to pull out of the parking lot you spat up vicious! Your daddy cleaned it up pretty good but it was still pretty bad. You have me worried about you spitting up this much but nana says we should just keep an eye on it. So thats what we are doing.
Tomorrow we are going on your first long car trip to go see nana. Its a little less then 2 hours away. So hopefully you behave and we get there in decent time.
We love you tons!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

16 days old & 2 week check up

Dear Kayden,
Last night was really hard. You wouldnt sleep at all! It was so strange cause you slept all day yesterday too! Your amazing father brought you out to the living room so I could get some sleep but it didnt work. So both of us are running on very little sleep today! You are sleeping really well today though. It is nice because your dad is at work tonight but I have a killer headache and I cant really sleep when you do.
Well today was your 2 week check up! Glad to say you are still healthy and strong. You are up to 7 lbs and 10 oz. You are still about 21 inches long! So you are gaining weight but haven't gained any height yet. I think you are going to be tall and lean like your mommy :).
We were super excited that for once you werent going to have to get pricked but they had to do your second PKU test :(. And we found out at your 2 month appt is when you have to get shots! I dont know if I will be able to stay in the room for that. I hate seeing you in pain but I dont want to abandon you either. I guess we will have to wait till it is closer to see what I do.
Well today we got you a little massaging chair. You seem to really like it. But I think you prefer your swing but your swing is getting to be a pain moving it back and forth from the bedroom to the living room everyday. Weve been using it to get you to sleep at night. It usually works pretty well. You are sleeping in it right now. Its pretty cute!
Well the bishopric is coming over in about an hour to see how things are going from you! Oh speaking of which we went to church this past sunday for the first time! We fed you right before we left but you were hungry again after we took the sacrament. So first I changed your diaper. Then I walked around and found the mothers lounge. Sadly it was on the otherside of the building by the other chapel so I couldnt hear our talks but I heard the other wards talks and they were really good! The mothers lounge was the nicest one I have seen yet! There were 12 recliners! They were super comfortable! There was a sink and a changing table too. So I fed you and then changed your diaper again. Then finally headed back to the chapel. I only heard the last half of the last speakers talk. It was nice though. We would have stayed for more but your nana had to get back home. Next week we will try to stay for more.
Love, Mommy