Monday, July 7, 2014

Vacation Time

Dear Kayden,
Your daddy and I went on vacation and left you with Nana. You had so much fun. I have to admit I was missing you pretty fast. As soon as we were at the airport I wanted to hug you and kiss you lots but I was afraid that would upset you so I gave you a fast goodbye. After we made it through security my anxiety kicked in and I got worried. Thankfully your Nana calmed me down.
We left on sunday and by wednesday I was missing you so bad I caved and called you from the boat. I am so glad I did. It made me feel much better.
We brought you back lots of fun stuff. Your got a maraca from mexico, a rain music from honduras,a trophy and a medal from the ship, a stuffed turtle from grand caymen, A hand painted K from honduras, and I can't remember what we brought you back from Belize. Your favorite was most definitely your fishing puzzle from Grand Caymen.
You play with it all the time. Your daddy picked it out!
We had lots of fun but we are definitely looking forward to going to Florida in August and taking you with us!

Post from NANA

May 27, 2014

Dear Kayden:
I had the privilege of coming to Boise to be with you for 8 days while your Mom and Dad went on a vacation.    I was concerned that you would miss your parents so my plan was to keep you very busy and as a result we had the time of our lives.
On the first day we went to Fruitland to visit your Aunt Bubbles (Laura Lee) to help her celebrate her birthday.  We went to a carnival then watched fireworks.  Your Aunt Misty and cousins, Cassandra, Arianna and Mikey also joined us.   You were running on the grass chasing your cousins when you ran down a different row of people.  You realized that I was out of your site and became frantic looking for me.  When you found me you were crying.  You grabbed me around the neck and wouldn’t let go.  You wouldn’t let anyone else take you either  We watched the fireworks and you kept your hands over your ears saying “too loud” but you liked them.  We spent the night at LauraLees and you didn’t want to sleep in your sleeping bag so I put you into bed with me.  You put your arms around my neck and fell asleep.  I had to put pillows between you and me later in the night as you thought I was a soccer ball.
The next day we went to the park played on the playground equipment and fed the baby geese.  You were really afraid of them at first but then discovered they really liked you.

 You started feeding them bread out of your hand instead of throwing it and yelling, “go away”.  We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and watched Nemo once, playing with your blocks.
The next day we went to the Discovery Center .  When I pulled up to the parking lot I knew that was a bad choice as there were also 3 school buses full of kids there.  We went in anyway because you were so excited to go.  It was like a play center as kids were yelling and running everywhere but you loved it,  running around with the other kids, playing with the displays.  Your favorite room was the BIG BLOCK room where we built towers taller than you and you got to knock them down.  You also discovered the wind tunnel.  You liked the way it blew your hair around when you aimed it at your head.You also liked putting the ball in the stream of air and watch it stay in the air.  We left the building and climbed the bridge to the other side of the creek so you could play on the playground equipment again.  We bought lunch and had a picnic on the grass.  Even though you looked very tired you said no to the idea of going home to take a nap.  Can you imagine that!!  Later in the evening you were getting a bit ambicious taking apart your mother’s living room so we loaded up in the car to go to the jump center to get rid of your extra energy.  On the way, you fell asleep in your car seat.  When we got there I couldn’t wake you up so I drove you back home.  You ate a light dinner and said ‘bed’ after taking your bath.  I think I wore you out.  You and I both went to bed early that day.
The next morning you woke me up at 5:45 AM.  Not surprised but you let me rest on the couch as you watched Mickey Mouse video.  Don’t tell Mom though as you were only suppose to watch one in the afternoon.  We went to the Library in the morning for story time.

  You liked the book about the monster with the terrible roar but I think you liked dancing with the music and playing with more blocks with the kids more  than the story.  You spent time in front of the fish tank yelling “ Look Nana, its Nemo”. 
The next day we found a fruit stand and a new park for you to play on.  You took Buzz and played for a long time.  I think this is where we lost Buzz. 
That evening we went with Aunt Carissa and Uncle Chris  to an Italian restaurant and you had your first Calamari.  You loved it or you were just really hungry because you scarfed it down.
Next day we went to the Zoo per your request.  We had a great time.  They had a new display of dinasours that moved and growled.  You weren’t impressed but liked the monkeys and jelly fish which are you favorite.  You played and played only deciding to go when I mentioned lunch.  

The next day we went to see your cousins, Cassandra and Helaman perform at their school talent show.   Then Aunt LauraLee, Aunt Misti and Mikey, Aunt Carissa and we went to lunch.  You ate a huge plate of mac and cheese, your favorite, and my French fries.  It’s OK cuz I didn’t want them.     We went back to Boise and helped Aunt Carissa unpack some of her boxes and arrange her kitchen while you also watched a video.  We had dinner with them.Next day we went to pick up Ethan so he could spend the night with us. Than Uncle Chris joined up and we went to the zoo again.  I think you would go everyday if you had the chance.  I asked if you would like to go to the mall and play but the zoo won again.  You had fun showing Ethan all the monkeys.  The next day we went to Roaring Springs Water Park with Ethan and Uncle Chris.  You and I played on the junior section while the boys rode the bid wild rides.  You went down the big slide and tubed down the chutes by yourself with catching you at the bottom. 

You would jump out of the tube, come up sputtering and yell “Again”  I kept plastering you with sunscreen and you didn’t get burnt but my legs were bright red that night.  I had so much fun with you at the park.
That night you kept asking me for nana cuddles so I knew you were really missing your Mom and Dad.  I told you they would be home tomorrow so you seem content with that fact.
The next morning I had to leave early to go home so Aunt Carissa stayed with you.  I hear you woke up looking all over the apartment for me.  That made me feel very missed and loved.
I am so glad I had the special time with you.  It will be a great memory for me always.
You were such a good boy for me and we had so much fun..  I really doubt you remember much of our time together so your Mother insisted I write this letter to you. 
I love you so very much and hope we get to do this again.