Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas 2013

Dear Kayden,
Life has been crazy lately so your blog hasn't been updated much. I figured it was time to atleast upload some pictures. So here are some great Christmas pictures for you!
 Nana came down and we decorated the tree together.
You loved decorating.

We didn't expect you to understand too much about Christmas this year, but you must have understand more than we thought. You woke us up at 5! 
You did so good at opening presents!
You even waited your turn and played with your new things while waiting.
We had such a good Christmas.

We spent most of the day at home. We did go to Aunt Bebes for breakfast but then we spent the rest of the day here playing with new toys. Your favorite  toy was definitley your mickey mouse club house.

I can't wait for next Christmas!

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