Sunday, March 29, 2015

Your a big brother!

Dear Kayden,
Your little sister was born on March 17! You stayed with your Auntie Bubbles while we were at the hospital until it was time to start pushing.Then she brought you to the hospital.
 You played in the waiting room while waiting to come meet Lydia.
You were the first brought into the room to meet her.
 You did so great and were excited to meet her.
Once she started crying you weren't excited anymore. Then daddy took you back to the waiting room so we could get Lydia situated up in the NICU.
Sadly you weren't allowed to go in there because you were too young.
So you didn't get to see her in person until she came home 4 days later.
You were excited for her to come home and have been a great big brother!
Love, mommy

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